I finally did it, I got the implant in my arm on Thursday which is supposed to help me! I got a local anesthetic in my upper arm then she got a scalpel and made an insistion before getting a huge needle with the 5cm plastic rod and putting it under my skin. I’m glad I didn’t feel the insertion 🙁

My arm is all bruised, I can hardly move it, I have a bandage all around it and it’s uncomfortable when wearing clothes or trying to sleep. After getting it done, she sat down with me and said that even though the implant is supposed to help my periods & all, they cannot tell what will happen as in different people the effects differ; so for 3 years I could go without a period, or I’ll get it every month like clockwork or I’ll bleed on & off every few days.

Time will tell & it hurts like a frikin bitch right now *sigh*


  1. michaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! 🙁 i know that it hurts bas enshalla its for the best oo dont worry about it .. im here for u!! and enshalla ur pain will go away :* *HUGGGGGG!!!*

  2. Salamat dear! I’m so sorry you had to go through that. Allah kareem, inshAllah the implant will help you instead of make you worse.

  3. Salamat snookums, you know what I wanted to say right hehe :p I wish I was there to look out for u but in the end you know that deep down inside I wish I was there for a break 😛

    love you hoe and I miss you! :*wa

  4. awww *hugs* get well soon, I dont know what to say in such situations but everything inshallah will be just fine 🙂

  5. eshda3wa– thanks, I hope so too!

    Zahra– I hope so, my body feels weird with it right now tho!

    Ansam– I wanna be in 1 piece too hahahaha I’m falling apart ;p

    Annabel– It didn’t hurt so much getting it inserted (except the anaesthic injection) but as soon as that wore off, I had shooting pains in my arm and I felt numb and dizzy. Now I have pains cause of the bruising and stiches

    Zouk– No Medication for it *sigh*

    Pearls– I’m sure the C-Section was worse *shiver* my parents were over, they just left 10 mins ago *sniff*

    Jackie– I miss you tooooo! We haven’t spoken in ages and I know you’d look after me ;*

    Dreamy– enshalla *hugs*

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