The other night I decided that I’d give my laptop a little clean out, and a little clean out turned into a full blown anorexic mission. I was having some problems with it regarding the speed and efficiency performance and noticed over the last few months that it had deterioated plus on several occasions the CPU Usage was way overboard which meant Ctrl+Alt+Delete was my best friend!

So, I put my geeky hat on and did numerous things:

    1. removed all programs I no longer use & defragmented my hard drive
    2. cleaned up my msn contacts & removed alot of them
    3. re-arranged my music folder from A-Z
    4. cleaned out the ‘my documents’ folder and put things into folders
    5. ran spyware, virus and adware programs to make sure everything with nice & clean

Then the fun began:

I’ve been wanting to install Vista for a while, but heard alot of negative things about it and got told to wait til SP1 is released, but I did like the entire look of Vista, so I found a Vista Transformation Pack for XP which basically turns your XP into a Vista GUI look-a-like and it looks hawt, plus added a new desktop background and a theme for MSN Live Messenger.

I’m loving it 😀

The sony laptop history is quite colorful. Before the hp laptops, the ones to make use of wifi technology were the sony laptops. Another added benefit is that of notebook computer batteries of sony that don’t die easily. This is why students prefer waiting for a laptops sale to get their hands on a used sony notebook instead of buying a bran new hp one.


  1. Hiiiiiiiiiiiii Ananyah lovely Wellpaper Please Can You Give Me I want it 4 my Desktop 4 Work …..

    I Love This MSN which Version >> This First Time I See ???

  2. wow sexy sexy sexy

    I am using MAC now but matter of fact it sux walla..I will use Vista I heard it has the MAC garfic quality and I can still enjoy all the PC facilities ^_*

  3. so what spyware program do you use? I’m thinking of getting a new laptop for work since you need windows for work mac wont cut it mac office doesnt have microsoft access… and since apple’s and dell’s are really asus I’m gettin an asus laptop

    I need to retune my mind into windows been a long time since Ive used it but I can troubleshoot like a mofo on crack 😛

  4. I totally ripped off your idea and did the same to my new work laptop 🙂 its aaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwesome. I might post a screenshot later…i chose a cool ford mustang as my desktop picture 🙂

  5. By teh way, which tranformation pack did u download? The one I downloaded said that I shouldn’t download service packs for windows. If I want the service packs, I should uninstall the transformation pack, download the SP and then reinstall the TP.

    The other TP I found I couldnt install at all, becuase it said my windows has already downloaded some uncompatible SP.

  6. You are aware that you’ll have to sit down and guide me step by step into making my laptop beautiful…right? ;p hehe

    I only have 1GB of space left 🙁

    I miss you btw…we’re never online at the same time anymore! :'(

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