J.Lopez looks amazing :love:

How on earth did Marc Anthony end up with her?


Even my brother is better looking than him (and that’s saying something!)


  1. her handbag/clutch doesnt match though! It would have been better with a small silver or gold clutch possibly a swarovski one 😛

  2. I keep staring at it hahahaha the earrings dont match either. I think some long diamond earrings would have been better than those silver circle hoops

  3. no way…marc anthony is so f***’ hot…
    the fact that they r still married is enough to appreciate the guy..right?
    they say good gurls always end up with good guys..lol

  4. they were best friends before dating and getting married.. i read somewhere that she even tried to be friends with his ex-wife, but the ex was too bitchy and jealous.. when Marc wanted a divorce from his wife, J.Lo was there for him and being supportive… Maybe he felt that she was his perfect rebound but then stayed together.. best friends CAN fall in love…

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