For all those gadget girls out there, or those who like to throw tons of stuff in your handbag and spend FOREVER trying to search for something, this bag aims to help and I’m in love lol

The bag comes in 2 different sizes and various colors ranging from Black to Light Plum and costs either $95 (smaller version) or $150 (bigger version). It has several compartments for all your junk necessities and they are releasing a boutique rare leather version in the near future.

I seriously wanna buy one, they are a little plain on the outside, but that’s easily fixed.. a couple of bag charms and you’re all set and no one would know from the outside that in the inside it’s split into little compartments 😀

I know my mom would love it since no matter what size of handbag she carries, she ALWAYS loses stuff so maybe with this, she won’t start swearing in the middle of the street cause she can’t find the door/car keys or her cell phone hahaha

So what you think?

    Is it a great idea?
    Would you buy one AND wear it?

Check it out @ Butler Bag


  1. LOL VERY cool..
    i like everything organized too but a full bag is nice for when ur walking around and looking for something in it, makes look all busy :p
    oh, and you get to hear ur whole ringtone while fishing for it in ur bag, i sing along to Elvis when i’m looking for my cell :p

  2. Um you mean no one has ever thought about the idea to put compartments in a bag before? or are you saying bags that you guys buy are just empty from the inside… no pun intended 😛

  3. TAT– I dont think any one did before

    Ansam– I wanna try it too! My bag is filled with tons of stuff I can never find lol

    zaboOoba– it would be hotter if Gucci designed it lol

    Chinese Eyes– if you get one lemme know 😀

  4. naaaah! not me! I dont normally carry alotta of things in ma bag.. I bet it will be useful for some *giggle*

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