Since 4pm yesterday I’ve had the biggest migrane EVER! I couldn’t sleep til around 5am this morning because of it and I still feel like crap. I’m like a walking car crash at the moment lol

I feel like the left side of my head is getting attacked by a hammer and feel like my left eye will pop outta my head at any minute, so much so that I keep check in the mirror that everything is still where it should be!

I tried to let it pass naturally by locking myself in a dark room with no noise, but still didn’t go away so I ended up being best friends with some lovely pink Ibuprofen pills, 8 pills later… I still feel like crap!

This better go away by tomorrow, I’m due @ the family planning clinic for my arm implant.. which involves injections and blood 🙁


  1. Sallamtek! Maybe you`re not getting enough sleep or if you wear glasses perhaps you need new ones.

  2. had the same thing for 3 whole weeks nonstop. was crying at the end of it. eventually it turns out it was from my wisdom tooth. i removed it. cried some more for 2 days (oh the paiiin) but back to normal after that 🙂

  3. I dont know if this will help.. but try to lay down, put ice pack (wrap it in towel) on your throbbing head until the pain goes away.. (my aunts have migraine and this seems to help)

    Also try the paradox of headaches! CAFFEINE! Just a little bit of it (Studies have shown that aspirin and ibuprofen are more effective when combined with caffeine.. research that)

    Eat well and dont skip a meal… Get well sooooooooon

  4. Make yourself a virgin mojito should ease the pain for maximum effect listen to your favorite chillout music 🙂

  5. You poor girl, i know how you feel cua i get migranes all the time. I am either rushed to the hospital for Olfen or use novalgine, a medicine banned in Kuwait but they get it for me and it kocks me out for a couple of hours then am ok

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