My mom arrived on Wednesday, I went to pick her up and we ate lunch, before going to my apartment (and her inspecting it to see if it was clean). We then decided to go to the movies at watch “Shrek 3”, but not before grabbing a huge bag of salty popcorn and some pick n mix sweets 😀 The movie was funny, much much better than “Shrek 2” but not as good as the original “Shrek”. I’ll write a review later on about it though 😉 After the movie, we went out for dinner then my mom wanted to know all about my hospital stuff and my medication, plus what food I have to eat now before making a huge shopping list of all the new food I have to introduce to my body *ugh*

On Thursday, we went out shopping for little bits, then going to McDonalds for lunch (I’m totally in love with their fries!) and then my brother came to pick us up and took us to the supermarket to buy all the food I need. We bought everything from spices, to steak, to mushrooms to homous…. I guess my new insulin controlling diet (or whatever you call it) won’t be THAT bad loool. I have to eat alot more red meat though which I’m not really used to, and I have to cook alot more, so I guess you guys will be getting tons of new recipies to try out! We went to my grandfather’s house later in the afternoon, played with Chewy the puppy, and my brother made dinner (Meatballs in a tomato sauce with Spagetti), it was yummy and I can’t believe I said that ;p~ We came home early-ish and we wanted to go to see the new “Harry Potter” movie, but it was sold out, so we had a mini CSI fest instead 😀

On Friday, my dad called and said he was coming to Glasgow that night (who was in Newcastle for a meeting after being in Greece for a week on business) which was a nice suprise 🙂 So before he arrived, my mom & I went to see “Harry Potter” which was amazing (I’ll also write a review on it later), then my brother came over to my apartment while we got ready to meet my dad at the train station. We then went to Merchant City to an Italian Resturaunt which was pretty crap to say the least! I ordered Bruscetta (my absolute favourite) and then Lamb Shank in a Mint Pesto Sauce. We got our starters pretty fast, but then… we ended up waiting over an hour for our main course, the waitresses kept coming apologizing then the manager said she’d take our starters off the bill and gave us free drinks while we waited. It wasn’t just us, around 6 other tables were waiting for their food, so much so that 2 tables actually got up and left. So finally our dinner came, and my lamb shank was anorexic! I got 3 tiny lamb chops, not a lamb shank so I’m like okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, but I did get a few lettuce leaves thrown in! The only nice thing about it was the fries loool

On Saturday, we woke up earlish and my dad announced that we were gonna give my mom a makeover, so my eye lit up cause I’ve been wanting to do this for years! She’s had the same look since like 1999 lol and I so wanted to attack her eyebrows :lmao: My dad picked out some dresses for her, I picked out these cool browny trousers and a white sleeveless shirt, along with a light beige jacket. Then I told her, let’s go to Lancome (the makeup shop), and I asked the lady there to put makeup on my mom. My mom rarely wears makeup, actually NEVER… the maximum she does is put some eye liner on her eyes quickly before leaving the house. So my mom ended up getting foundation, powder, eyeshadow, eye liner, mascara, blusher and more all over her face and she totally loved it… and for the first time, I actually found out I have my mom’s eyes looool so while she was getting her makeup done, I tried out the new Juice Tubes and the other lady in the counter tried on their new foundation brand on my makeup-less face. When we were done, they asked “So what would you like to buy today” and my mom was like “EVERYTHING!” yah… she’s nuts… that was over 20 products (including a few I picked up lol) and the makeup bill alone came to £370 which my dad just arrived back in time for 😉

We then went to get our hair cut (all 3 of us). My mom has really short hair, as in boy style, number 3 or 4 and spikes it up. My dad’s hair is just a lil shorter and then there was me…. I chopped 7 INCHES OFF MY HAIR! Uhuuuh 7 WHOLE INCHES >.< my hair is now just above my shoulders and looks very much like JuJu's new hair too (by accident hahahaa) my head feels so much lighter and my dad bought this peppermint shampoo thing for me *yummy*. My mom then went to buy new glasses, and came out with 2 pairs and some sunglasses lol We then came back home with like 7 bags of clothes and makeup and shoes and and and and erm I think that was it! I did get to attack my mom's eyebrows too mwahahhahaha We made a reservation at my favourite resturaunt in Glasgow (Boozy Rouge on Renfield Street, it’s a seafood/grill place) and got ready, my mom wore her new clothes and I was still getting used to my new hair. The food in the resturant was to die for! I had scallops in a orange marmalade sauce with a mixed salad, then steak in a pepper sauce and green seasonal vegetables. Plus stealing some of my dad’s oysters which were amazing too! To end it, I had a white chocolate cheesecake with strawberry sauce and then a double espresso 😀 We then headed to a nearby bar, sat and chatted the night away before going home and falling asleep! Needless to say, my mom & I bankrupted my dad hahahhahaha my mom was really happy with her new look, so that’s the main thing!

My dad woke up this morning and went out to buy breakfast for us all, before packing ready to leave a few hours later. My mom gave me my next month’s allowance to pay into the bank at the end of the month and some money for me to spend in the next 2 weeks (since I’m as broke as always… thanks to my phone bills!). My mom played with her new makeup and I was looking for my mobile which I couldn’t remember where I put, and I couldn’t even ring it as it was switched off… after 45 mins of searching, we finally found it inside one of my dad’s socks :rofl:

They left at 1pm, and as they walked outside the door my dad pointed to his cheek as a sign for me to kiss it, he always does that and it’s uber cute 😀 I miss them like crazy now *sniffles* but they are coming back in 2 weeks 😀

So they are back in Paris, I’m bored again in Glasgow getting ready to study again as of tomorrow (or is it today now?), eat my new insulin laced food and go to the gym to help control my annoying left ovary from feeling like it’s stabbing me.

I had a great weekend though, how was yours?


  1. Mine was alright i guess, i spent it un-packing our stuff that arrived from the UK last week and put my son’s cotbed together..

    Not much really.. Anyway, on another note, my son is turning one this coming Sunday, I can’t believe it.. He’s a little monkey.. oh bless..

    I’m not throwing him a birthday party though, just having a toddlers group, all kids in one room with lots of toys, they can bash them selves around for all i care! each mother is to set eyes on her kids, i ain’t responsibile for any damage.. hahaha..

    Oh shoot, this blog is about you not me!

    Oh well..

  2. Wow the haircut looks funky! I like! It’s nice to spend quality time with your family and I’m thankful you had a fabulous time. I was pleased to see such a long post from you. It’s been a while! I’m looking forward to reading all your recipes!

  3. Loving the new hair cut! Ahh.. haha I love parents! Yours sound soo cute and I’m glad that you had such a wonderful time.. sounds like it was needed by far! Hair cuts make me feel improved and fresh.. I’m thinking of getting one before college gets back up.

    Wow.. I still cannot believe I just read your whole blog, hahah.

  4. Pearls– My fone was lying on my bed, so when they were packing, it got mixed up amongst their clothes and ended up in a sock lol

    Qudos– I hate unpacking lol but only love it if its gifts or things you bought 😛 Happy Birthday in advance for your son, how adorable! A toddlers group is a good idea, I mean he’s not gonna remember his 1st birthday, but a tiny lil cake wouldn’t hurt and a new toy ;p~ I’m glad you wrote about ur weekend, its refreshing for other people to talk about themselves for a change 😀

    Zahra– Yah it has been a while hahahah I had a great time and I did need it 😀

    Zouk– I’m still getting used to it lool

    Natasha– Yah they are cute hahaha I love getting haircuts but I normally get like an inch or two, not 7! My hair now barely fits into a ponytail lol you read my entire blog?! thats ALOT! lol

  5. Anni,

    I’m taking Sunday off to spend it with my little tike – and his daddy of course!! I’ll bake him a banana cake (Something healthy). He can stuff it down his throat without me worry that he’ll turn hyper.

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