Most of you have probably heard already but I got a call from my brother on Saturday at 3:30pm telling me that there was a terrorist attack at Glasgow Airport

2 “Asian” guys in a Cherokee smashed into the entrance of the airport with petrol bombs in the car and set fire to them. The driver was on fire as he got out the car, and he tried to light more of these and the car exploded several times setting part of the airport on fire.

It was reported on Sunday that they are linking the Glasgow attack with 2 foiled attemps in London on Friday and have arrested 5 people (including the 2 men from the jeep, 1 woman, 1 Irani Doctor and another unknown) and also did a controlled explosion on a suspicious car where the guy who was on fire was taken.








Needless to say I’m freaked out! There were police all over the place near my apartment, I just can’t believe it’s happening here, but they think it’s because the new UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown is from Scotland and Glasgow Airport is the biggest & busiest in Scotland. Thankfully no one was injured, other than one of the asses who did this, who is still in critical condition in hospital.


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