A few months ago, I got an email thru my blog from a Marketing/Brand Agency in London regarding a then unknown to me advertsing campaign which was being held in Glasgow. They saw photographs of mine and wanted me to submit as many photographs relating to Glasgow as I could. So I did, I entered 16 and then I found out more details.

This unknown advertising campaign was actually for Miller Beer . There project was to wrap a huge building with a mosaic of the selected photos to represent Miller Beer in the heart of Glasgow (everyone knows the majority of drunks are in Glasgow lol).

This was a competition, I was actually honoured to get emailed by the Account Executive to apply for this. A few days ago, I found out 14 of the 16 I entered made it to the final cut and the result is that those images will be in the advertising campaign and will be seen on a side of a major building in Glasgow.

My face will be featured there on a side of a building (along with other photos that got choosen) lol but semi-hidden behind the main Mosaic image of a group of people partying, since people drink beer & party.

I’m uber excited at this, last night there was a VIP party with celebrities and free alcohol for the final unveiling, but I couldn’t make it sadly. I’m not sure of the exact location of the Mosaic, but was told its in the city centre and on the side of a huge building for everyone to see. When it has been put up, I’ll go take photos 😀

I never believed that my photography was that great to be part of an Advertising Campaign, but maybe I’m mistaken! Last Year a Brazilian Photography Magazine contacted me regarding using some of my photos in their next issue, and an online newspaper already use some of my shots. So I’m uber excited 😀

I got an email from Whitney Houston today as well saying she’s a fan of my blog:

whitneyhouston [whitneyhouston[at]gmail.com] to mimi
April 20th

whitneyhouston wrote:
I`ve stumbled across your site. Nice!



  1. hehehehe yah I’m slowly starting to be 😛

    I just can’t imagine ppl walking past seeing my face on a side of a building hahahaha

  2. please send a miller to kuwait in a padded envelope.

    and not a miller lite, thanks.

    p.s. J-Lo says Hi, she was checking your blog on my laptop this morning during breakfast.

  3. Ok thats just funny! Whitney Houston can’t use a computer! looool! pics when the building goes up and identify your photos!

  4. Moocherx, ur comment cracked me up hehehe will a miller photograph be any good 😛 Say Hi to J-Lo! I got an email from Bill Gates this morning too trying to sell me Viagra!

    Zouk, I shall 😀

    D, I’ll show them when the building thing goes up

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