+ Eating French Baguette’s & Tarte aux Fraise (yes it’s an important highlight!)

+ Spending time with my parents, I never realised how much I missed them :S:

+ Chillin out at the Jardin des Tuileries with Starbucks as my buddy 😉

+ Taking a million + 1 photographs of my trip, since I never took any all the other times I went

+ Meeting JouJou and falling in love all overn again *erm JouJou is my iPod*

+ Meeting a random french guy on the Metro, who stared at me for 15 mins, licked his lips & tried to talk to me (until mama gave him the death stare)

+ Going to Easter Mass @ Notre Dame and watching a bon-fire being lit

+ Having 2 hour dinners with my parents

+ Chilling out next to the Eiffel Tower with my mom a telling me ancient family stories to pass onto my children

+ Eating 2 Easter Eggs all to myself 😛

+ Laughing @ my mama’s french accent

+ Turning 25 and getting spoilt

+ Several funny conversations with my dad which were:

Dad: Something stinks in here
Me: Well it’s not me, I smell of Christian Dior
Dad: What? No wonder it’s you, he’s been dead for ages!


Dad: I know how to fix all these problems with ships sinking
Me: How?
Dad: Condoms!
Mom: Huh?
Dad: You put several on them and they blow up to help float the boat
Mom: I’m not sure they would fit
Me: That’s why they have Trillian ones to fit extra large people 😛
Dad: How do you know?
Me: I heard!
Me: What if the condom gets a whole in it?
Dad: Hmm
Mom: Wonder if they’d use Whiskey flavoured ones
Me: Naah Glow in the dark
Dad: How do you both know so much about Condoms?
Me: *puzzled look*
Dad: I was actually thinking Ribbed Condoms would be better

Check my flickr account to see tons of photos 😀


  1. You went to Le Jardin, thats cool. Do they have starbucks there now?

    Hope _you_ where not driving when you took that video.

  2. Don Veto- They have it in the Louvre, so I bought it there then sat in the gardens with the ducks 😛

    Missy- Yes *drool*

    Mar- I’m thinking about it 😀

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