Today is April Fool’s Day or Poisson d’Avril in France. Poisson you say? Well Poisson is Fish in France, so literally this means a day to celebrate Fish 😛

But no..

Poisson d’Avril is a French moniker ascribed to someone who is fooled on April 1st. Legend has it that the custom dates to the 16th century. In 1564, King Charles IX of France broke with a 12th century custom by decreeing that New Year’s Day would occur on January 1 rather than at the spring solstice–ending a traditional week-long celebration of spring and rebirth that had lasted until…April 1. An uproar arose. Resistors were mocked by being sent joke gifts.

Also, because in early spring the sun is leaving the zodiacal sign of Pisces, the pranks were coined “Poisson d’Avril.” April 1st became a fun holiday filled with the offering of lighthearted presents…often gift-wrapped fish. Children would draw fish and attach them on backs of the unsuspecting. Today it has become an occasion for exchanging chocolate fish.

So I woke up this morning, on my 25th birthday & my dad hands me a gift and inside the gift wrapping is a fish shaped baguette! It was yummy though hehehe I just had a piece of the fishy head (I named him Nemo ;))


  1. heheheheh french bread is amazing dodo 😉

    sou, I’m going to belguim next weekend, I’ll get you some chocolate

  2. Fish …
    Or Some Cod Fish !!!! YUMMY !!!!!
    ok i am drooling now .. am gonna go order me some fish n chips

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