April 2007


A few months ago, I got an email thru my blog from a Marketing/Brand Agency in London regarding a then unknown to me advertsing campaign which was being held in Glasgow. They saw photographs of mine and wanted me to submit as many photographs relating to Glasgow as I could. So I did, I entered 16 and then I found out more details.

This unknown advertising campaign was actually for Miller Beer . There project was to wrap a huge building with a mosaic of the selected photos to represent Miller Beer in the heart of Glasgow (everyone knows the majority of drunks are in Glasgow lol).

This was a competition, I was actually honoured to get emailed by the Account Executive to apply for this. A few days ago, I found out 14 of the 16 I entered made it to the final cut and the result is that those images will be in the advertising campaign and will be seen on a side of a major building in Glasgow.

My face will be featured there on a side of a building (along with other photos that got choosen) lol but semi-hidden behind the main Mosaic image of a group of people partying, since people drink beer & party.

I’m uber excited at this, last night there was a VIP party with celebrities and free alcohol for the final unveiling, but I couldn’t make it sadly. I’m not sure of the exact location of the Mosaic, but was told its in the city centre and on the side of a huge building for everyone to see. When it has been put up, I’ll go take photos 😀

I never believed that my photography was that great to be part of an Advertising Campaign, but maybe I’m mistaken! Last Year a Brazilian Photography Magazine contacted me regarding using some of my photos in their next issue, and an online newspaper already use some of my shots. So I’m uber excited 😀

I got an email from Whitney Houston today as well saying she’s a fan of my blog:

whitneyhouston [whitneyhouston[at]] to mimi
April 20th

whitneyhouston wrote:
I`ve stumbled across your site. Nice!


+ Eating French Baguette’s & Tarte aux Fraise (yes it’s an important highlight!)

+ Spending time with my parents, I never realised how much I missed them :S:

+ Chillin out at the Jardin des Tuileries with Starbucks as my buddy 😉

+ Taking a million + 1 photographs of my trip, since I never took any all the other times I went

+ Meeting JouJou and falling in love all overn again *erm JouJou is my iPod*

+ Meeting a random french guy on the Metro, who stared at me for 15 mins, licked his lips & tried to talk to me (until mama gave him the death stare)

+ Going to Easter Mass @ Notre Dame and watching a bon-fire being lit

+ Having 2 hour dinners with my parents

+ Chilling out next to the Eiffel Tower with my mom a telling me ancient family stories to pass onto my children

+ Eating 2 Easter Eggs all to myself 😛

+ Laughing @ my mama’s french accent

+ Turning 25 and getting spoilt

+ Several funny conversations with my dad which were:

Dad: Something stinks in here
Me: Well it’s not me, I smell of Christian Dior
Dad: What? No wonder it’s you, he’s been dead for ages!


Dad: I know how to fix all these problems with ships sinking
Me: How?
Dad: Condoms!
Mom: Huh?
Dad: You put several on them and they blow up to help float the boat
Mom: I’m not sure they would fit
Me: That’s why they have Trillian ones to fit extra large people 😛
Dad: How do you know?
Me: I heard!
Me: What if the condom gets a whole in it?
Dad: Hmm
Mom: Wonder if they’d use Whiskey flavoured ones
Me: Naah Glow in the dark
Dad: How do you both know so much about Condoms?
Me: *puzzled look*
Dad: I was actually thinking Ribbed Condoms would be better

Check my flickr account to see tons of photos 😀

There are times when even the most funky of technologies screws up. Take Google Maps, for instance, which has been criticised for allowing people to improperly use billion-dollar satellite equipment to spy on people in their backyards, or other naughtier dubious uses of the zoom function. However, all that can be forgiven if something puts a big grin on your face.

Try this:

1. Go to Google.Com

2. Click on Maps

3. Click on ‘Get Directions’

4. Type in “new york” to “paris, france” in the destination bar

5. Scroll down to direction No: 23 and read 😉

my grandmother died, she died on my father’s birthday, 2 weeks after my 16th Birthday in 1998.

I miss her like crazy

When I was really young, my dad travelled on business alot and my mom was still at University, so my grandmother would look after me during the day, I’d bake cakes with her and sit in the garden playing with the dogs. When we moved to Kuwait & Singapore, we used to chat on the phone every week. I’d tell her about my week, about my school and any other gossip.

She never saw me graduate from High School, or from University. She’ll never see me get married or see her great grandchildren, but she lives inside my heart and I couldn’t and will never forget her.

It was during this time 9 years ago that I was over on summer vacation from school in Kuwait, we were supposed to do back on the April 15th, but on the night of April 12th, she had a sore stomach and went to bed early. She thought she had indegestion so took a few pills to ease her pain. During the night, she was still ill so an emergency doctor was called out, he just prescribed medicine for her and told her to rest. Later on in the day of April 13th, an ambulance was called after another doctor was called and he said my grandmother had a heart attack during the night.

We all rushed to the hospital, they made up wait in a small room and didn’t tell us anything. Finally they let my grandfather and mom into her room, but not me… I was too young to go into ICU. Everything seemed fine for the rest of the day, she was resting and her vital signs were normal. They told us to go home

At 9am on April 14th 1998, I picked up the house phone. My grandfather was in the garden, my mom at the supermarket. It was the nurse instructing me to gather everyone and rush to the hospital ASAP. Things weren’t looking good.

They lied.

When we got there, she was already dead. She died at 8:20am, but they didn’t want to tell us over the phone.

I never got to see my grandmother, the last time I saw her was seeing her getting rushed off in an ambulance.

No one would let me see her and that still upsets me til this day.

I loved her, I wanted to see if she was okay, I wanted to say goodbye

But I never did!

I never got to say goodbye

Today is April Fool’s Day or Poisson d’Avril in France. Poisson you say? Well Poisson is Fish in France, so literally this means a day to celebrate Fish 😛

But no..

Poisson d’Avril is a French moniker ascribed to someone who is fooled on April 1st. Legend has it that the custom dates to the 16th century. In 1564, King Charles IX of France broke with a 12th century custom by decreeing that New Year’s Day would occur on January 1 rather than at the spring solstice–ending a traditional week-long celebration of spring and rebirth that had lasted until…April 1. An uproar arose. Resistors were mocked by being sent joke gifts.

Also, because in early spring the sun is leaving the zodiacal sign of Pisces, the pranks were coined “Poisson d’Avril.” April 1st became a fun holiday filled with the offering of lighthearted presents…often gift-wrapped fish. Children would draw fish and attach them on backs of the unsuspecting. Today it has become an occasion for exchanging chocolate fish.

So I woke up this morning, on my 25th birthday & my dad hands me a gift and inside the gift wrapping is a fish shaped baguette! It was yummy though hehehe I just had a piece of the fishy head (I named him Nemo ;))

So I’m offically 25.

I’m not really happy, mainly because I wanted to spend it with my bestest friends in the whole wide world AND because I’ve always had dreams and expectations to achieve for when I’m 25 and I’m totally not on track for any of them! Saying that, doing my Masters wasn’t on my original life plan so I guess I can wait another year :rofl:

Yay I’m another year older! The best thing about me growing old is that the older I get, the younger I look hahahaha when I was 17, I looked 23 and now I’m 25, everyone thinks I’m 20/21 and sound like a 12 year old 😀