After arriving in Paris last night, I went to a bar in Pont de Neuilly and chilled with my parents

Anyway, I saw Coca Blak and I’m like “ooh what’s that?” so the bartender got me a bottle and a teenie glass, added a funky straw and some haribo jellies on the side for me

Coca Blak is Coffee Coke, I love coffee and I love coke so what better than to mix them? It’s an interesting mix and taste but having too much can make you sick of it!

I think it’s my new favourite drink, y’all have to try it!


  1. its the worst drink ever, and this is coming from a loyal coke fan.
    its not big at all here in the US, never seen it sold anywhere but on the shelf of supermarkets

  2. Interesting mix :s i’ve never seen it but dont think i wanna try it either lol…Happy Birthday Girrl i hope u get everything u wished for 😉

  3. I love coke and coffe.. but I think if they mixed ’em together im gonna hate both of them for the rest of my life! 😛

  4. Hi there sweety
    Happy Birthday gorgeous 😀
    Yalla don’t worry next year inshalla you will be amongst your friends celebrating your birthday .. just have some patience. Enjoy your time in Paris Paris … 😀

  5. Ooooops commented on the wrong post 😛
    What i wanted to say here was 😀 .. how come this isn’t here yet 😀 ..i wanna try the cola black already .. i drink lots of coffee and lots of coke .. combining them would be awesome!!

  6. Hey thats not a bad idea – its the Guiness of the coffee world – I love it!

    I mean it could be worse – remember Pepsi Crystal?

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