It’s nearly 3am and I just finished packing! I swear to god, I always leave things til the last minute!! Actually it was Sou & JuJu’s fault since I didn’t chat to them since yesterday we needed a quick catch up!

But I was productive while on MSN! I added 300 new songs to my lil ipoddy for my trip, I changed my ringtone on my mobile to a lovely french rap song that it stuck in my head talking about strippers hahaha. I had so much stuff to pack, I mean I’m going for 2 weeks, so I had to pick dressy clothes and then casual ones then my stay at home clothes. Plus have accessories to match; shoes, hangbags, jewellery. I like color co-ordination and this is Paris 😉 I even folded my clothes into teenie pieces so I could squeeze more in ;p~ I don’t know how much my suitcase weights tho!

I actually needed another suitcase for my shoes and handbags >.< I didn't wanna take any hang luggage cause I hate carrying it around, but I squeezed all my clothes into the suitcase, and my lil black trolley suitcase has 4 pairs of shoes, 3 hangbags, some makeup, perfume and eventually tomorrow morning will have my laptop in it before I head to the airport. I picked out my outfit for tomorrow too 😀 + Black Baggish Trousers + Long Sleeved Grey Sweater Dress (it's hot!) + Black Ballet flats with Bows + White Scarf + Black & White Oversized Shoulder Handbag + Makeup (Smokey Eyes & Nude Lips) + Armani Code for Women Perfume Yes I'm a planning freak, OCD Anyone? I need to sleep now, have to wake up in 6 hours to go to the salon and blowdry my hair since I'm such a frikin lazy ass and can't be bothered washing, blowdrying and straightening it myself. I ruled out the manicure tho, I have no time 🙁 So I'm going with nasty nails *sniffles* I'm gonna mitth y'all {mostly sou, juju, swair & zouk}. I’ll have my cell fone with me so you can still message me on my birthday *e7m e7m* and I have a list of people to call at the airport tomorrow {yes Sou I won’t forget!}

Okay, my bed awaits me for one last night (until I come back that is!)

Croissants for Dinner tomorrow ^_^


  1. You actually changed your ring tone?!! ARE YOU MAD?!!!! You gave up on “I CAN BE BROWN, I CAN BE BLUE…..” for “bluh, bluh, di, duu, di, bluh, bluh”?!!

    Traitor. Traitor! *sigh*

    ANYWAYSSS…Have a super fantabulous time in gay paris! (call me tomorrow or i’ll hunt you down :p)


  2. It’s supposed to be Juju before sou 🙁 I don’t love you anymore 🙁

    But I hope you have tons of fun babes ;*

  3. Sou- I miss youuuuuuuuuuuu ^_^

    Juju- u do love me dont u 😛

    Swair- merci mon amore 🙂

    Blasha- yah its still working and switched on

    Missy- I’m keeping them all for myself!

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