So I’m heading to Paris in 48 hours (yah that’s Friday) :woot:

I have a shit load to do before travelling, I need to pack, get my air ticket, remember to pack my passport (I forget it sometimes), go check on my grandfather tomorrow and make sure he has enough food in his fridge.

I also need to go shopping tomorrow for some new outfits to wear on my birthday and nights out with my parents, I found some cute outfits online so I called the shop and they are holding them for me so no one steals them 😉

    So what’s in my handbag for the plane?
    + ipod
    + digi cam
    + laptop
    + wallet
    + mobile
    + cosmopolitan magazine
    + passport & ticket

I won’t be updating until I’m in Par’eeeeeeee

Bisous Bisoux :love:


  1. betise? why do you say that hehehe

    I know I shall have fun tho ^_^ Pluto and Donald Duck are on my agenda hahahaha

  2. TAKE ME WITH YOUUU!!!! *cries*

    I want to goooooo :'(

    Plus, you’re such a cow, Mika’s performing on the 4th and you aren’t going! I hate you :p lol

    Okay, that’s a lie, I love you :** hehe

    YALLA, 48 hourssssss!! WOOHOOO!!!

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