Yesterday I felt a hellova lot better so after saying bye to my parents, I went to chop my hair off after my dad gave me some money for it hehe and went for a completly new style… I now have a funky long fringe/bang whatever you wanna call it and my hair is just below my shoulders… 6 inches shorter :shock:. For the first time in ages, my head feels all light and fluffy lol and I really like my new hair 😀

I needed it after being in bed for over a week!

I then met up with my friend Wissam and her sister Riham and ate in this Arabic place… It was yummy! I had Falafel & Homous along with this Lamb thing… it looks like Shish but it wasn’t. We started taking TONS of photos there and then decided to catch a late night movie at 11pm. We bought tickets for SLEEPING DOGS but walked out after 10 mins, DO NOT go see it! Seriously it’s crap! The opening scene shows this woman (a crap actress) looking at her dog and then running to the bathroom washing her mouth out after giving her dog a blow job! Disgusting :shh:

So then we snuck into another movie STOMP THE YARD and it was fun! I love Music/Dance Movies 😀 I was dancing along to the music, then crying the next (I’m an idiot), and then going weird snake noises. You gotta see the movie to find out about the snake stuff 😛

Finally got home at 2-something am in the snow 😀

I’m feeling alot better than I had been the last week or so, but I still have the cough… seemingly it stays for a month 🙁

Oh well, I’ll leave you with a pic of my new cute hair! The hairdresser said she loved my hair color hahahaha its 3 different colors naturally 😀


  1. Awww, yay youu!! Na3eeman on your new hair cut!!! 🙂

    She gave her dog a what?!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Na3eeeman hon hehehe it looks cute hehe and I got a trim yesterday since the idiot before had messed up my hair big time! It’s at least almost symmetrical now 🙁

  3. i love your hair na3eeman…. sleeping dogs????? eeoooo hate it….. keep up the style honey

  4. JuJu: I hate it when hairdressers mess it up

    Blasha: I won’t 4get them & thanks

    Pearls: merci hunny ;*

    Bebe: I shall 😀

    Swair: How come?!

  5. Hey, we have the same hair color and mine is natural, too!! Wow, arent we just gorgeousness? 🙂 Congrats on the new do!! And bye bye to mom and dad! Do i hear a sigh of relief??? LOL!!!!! 🙂

  6. nonowa: our hair rocks 😛 yeah a sigh of relief, but now i have to cook for myself hahaha

    D: thanks babe

  7. Naiman on the new hair cut.. glad you’re feeling better.. Shame you didn’t put a picture of Wizza, She’s a hottie (I’m not a lesbo!)…

    the dog part is :BARF:

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