I feel physically worn out, my sleeping pattern is messed up; I’m awake during the night, and sleep during the day… but because I have classes again during the day, I’m not getting enough sleep.. if at all!

I was in class on Tuesday and I couldn’t hold my head up, I was falling asleep and had to get a guy who was sitting with me to make sure I didn’t sleep. I then went home at 4pm and slept til the next day.

Even when I get some sleep, I still feel like I need to sleep and as I’m typing this, I feel like I want to pass out 🙁


  1. PinkChampagne Reply

    You need to relaaaaaax…even if that means taking a day off college to get yourself organized so be it…Its the shittiest feeling in the world when youre drained like that…a pill of nytol OTC @ boots will help you sleep earlier..and give your diet a makeover to reinforce the iron pills..take it easy.

  2. I know dear but I can’t take time off, It’s only a 7 week semester and it’s fill with projects every single day. This weekend my parents are coming, so I get to act like a baby and my mom will look after me and feed me 😛

    I think I’ll try sleep early-ish tonight (take a sleeping pill) and hopefully I’ll be refreshed

  3. You should take better care of yourself seriously! You’re not doing a good job of it :s Don’t make me come over and bite you!

  4. Jackie, I know seriously… I’m terrible! I need someone to kick my butt and look after me!

    Chatterbox, I’ve been off… I go to Uni only 3 days a week, the rest I’m trying to sleep! No success

  5. try meditating, close your phone and tv, sit on the floor, close your eyes, and start breathing deeply. it always helps me.
    Take care 7abibti

  6. I did this experiment the day before yesterday, I tried to stay awake all night, but I couldn’t and I had a 1 hour nap at 6:00am till 7:00am. I don’t know how you do it, but I strongly recommend that you stop doing it, although I did it only once, but it felt horrible, my body felt worn out I was really tired the next day. This is really unhealthy

    Take care of yourself.

  7. This is from someone who cares. It seems like you’re sinking into a depression. Get out more, fix your sleeping habits and don’t fall into this routine.

    Take care!!

    Cappy cap

  8. f`6aaaaaaaaaaal 3aaaaaanch sho hal pic wallaah mashay 7ayaa2 !! m9a5aaaah o.0 NASS WALLAH MATST7EEE !! sho 5alaitoo 7g 2l 2jaanb antww

  9. awal shay, intay shako?!

    oo min 7a6ich il morality police?

    oo thani shay ana a9lan min il ‘ajanib’ ili mo tarseen 3ainich!!!

  10. ananyah
    zain sawaitay feeha, 3indech eyaha.
    keep up the good work love you girl ;*

  11. *bows* your most welcome! 9ij wala I hate idiots like that who think they are all that!

    ROFL @ the il 2jaanb part lol

  12. Girl you need to relax, your sleep is messed up and you need to take a break when you can. Get a good hearty meal and pass out, try to get some healthy food in you! Get things straight!

  13. u need to regulate ur sleep for more than just one day and start making it a point to sleep at night. quit with the day naps and make sure u dont sleep till it nightime.

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