March 2007


After arriving in Paris last night, I went to a bar in Pont de Neuilly and chilled with my parents

Anyway, I saw Coca Blak and I’m like “ooh what’s that?” so the bartender got me a bottle and a teenie glass, added a funky straw and some haribo jellies on the side for me

Coca Blak is Coffee Coke, I love coffee and I love coke so what better than to mix them? It’s an interesting mix and taste but having too much can make you sick of it!

I think it’s my new favourite drink, y’all have to try it!

It’s nearly 3am and I just finished packing! I swear to god, I always leave things til the last minute!! Actually it was Sou & JuJu’s fault since I didn’t chat to them since yesterday we needed a quick catch up!

But I was productive while on MSN! I added 300 new songs to my lil ipoddy for my trip, I changed my ringtone on my mobile to a lovely french rap song that it stuck in my head talking about strippers hahaha. I had so much stuff to pack, I mean I’m going for 2 weeks, so I had to pick dressy clothes and then casual ones then my stay at home clothes. Plus have accessories to match; shoes, hangbags, jewellery. I like color co-ordination and this is Paris 😉 I even folded my clothes into teenie pieces so I could squeeze more in ;p~ I don’t know how much my suitcase weights tho!

I actually needed another suitcase for my shoes and handbags >.< I didn't wanna take any hang luggage cause I hate carrying it around, but I squeezed all my clothes into the suitcase, and my lil black trolley suitcase has 4 pairs of shoes, 3 hangbags, some makeup, perfume and eventually tomorrow morning will have my laptop in it before I head to the airport. I picked out my outfit for tomorrow too 😀 + Black Baggish Trousers + Long Sleeved Grey Sweater Dress (it's hot!) + Black Ballet flats with Bows + White Scarf + Black & White Oversized Shoulder Handbag + Makeup (Smokey Eyes & Nude Lips) + Armani Code for Women Perfume Yes I'm a planning freak, OCD Anyone? I need to sleep now, have to wake up in 6 hours to go to the salon and blowdry my hair since I'm such a frikin lazy ass and can't be bothered washing, blowdrying and straightening it myself. I ruled out the manicure tho, I have no time 🙁 So I'm going with nasty nails *sniffles* I'm gonna mitth y'all {mostly sou, juju, swair & zouk}. I’ll have my cell fone with me so you can still message me on my birthday *e7m e7m* and I have a list of people to call at the airport tomorrow {yes Sou I won’t forget!}

Okay, my bed awaits me for one last night (until I come back that is!)

Croissants for Dinner tomorrow ^_^

So I’m heading to Paris in 48 hours (yah that’s Friday) :woot:

I have a shit load to do before travelling, I need to pack, get my air ticket, remember to pack my passport (I forget it sometimes), go check on my grandfather tomorrow and make sure he has enough food in his fridge.

I also need to go shopping tomorrow for some new outfits to wear on my birthday and nights out with my parents, I found some cute outfits online so I called the shop and they are holding them for me so no one steals them 😉

    So what’s in my handbag for the plane?
    + ipod
    + digi cam
    + laptop
    + wallet
    + mobile
    + cosmopolitan magazine
    + passport & ticket

I won’t be updating until I’m in Par’eeeeeeee

Bisous Bisoux :love:

Yesterday I felt a hellova lot better so after saying bye to my parents, I went to chop my hair off after my dad gave me some money for it hehe and went for a completly new style… I now have a funky long fringe/bang whatever you wanna call it and my hair is just below my shoulders… 6 inches shorter :shock:. For the first time in ages, my head feels all light and fluffy lol and I really like my new hair 😀

I needed it after being in bed for over a week!

I then met up with my friend Wissam and her sister Riham and ate in this Arabic place… It was yummy! I had Falafel & Homous along with this Lamb thing… it looks like Shish but it wasn’t. We started taking TONS of photos there and then decided to catch a late night movie at 11pm. We bought tickets for SLEEPING DOGS but walked out after 10 mins, DO NOT go see it! Seriously it’s crap! The opening scene shows this woman (a crap actress) looking at her dog and then running to the bathroom washing her mouth out after giving her dog a blow job! Disgusting :shh:

So then we snuck into another movie STOMP THE YARD and it was fun! I love Music/Dance Movies 😀 I was dancing along to the music, then crying the next (I’m an idiot), and then going weird snake noises. You gotta see the movie to find out about the snake stuff 😛

Finally got home at 2-something am in the snow 😀

I’m feeling alot better than I had been the last week or so, but I still have the cough… seemingly it stays for a month 🙁

Oh well, I’ll leave you with a pic of my new cute hair! The hairdresser said she loved my hair color hahahaha its 3 different colors naturally 😀

I feel physically worn out, my sleeping pattern is messed up; I’m awake during the night, and sleep during the day… but because I have classes again during the day, I’m not getting enough sleep.. if at all!

I was in class on Tuesday and I couldn’t hold my head up, I was falling asleep and had to get a guy who was sitting with me to make sure I didn’t sleep. I then went home at 4pm and slept til the next day.

Even when I get some sleep, I still feel like I need to sleep and as I’m typing this, I feel like I want to pass out 🙁