I was walking to University this morning for my Law Class. It was pouring of rain, my hair was all wet, my ipod stuck in my ears and trying to balance my new hangbag and umberella @ the same time wasn’t easy! As I was walking, 3 men came up to me and stopped me. They asked if I wouldn’t mind being interviewed on camera regarding DVD & Music Piracy, so I said sure as along as I could lie (so I wouldn’t go to jail) the guys start laughing and said “as long as it’s a good lie”.

So they asked me 3 questions and my replies are below:

    1. Do you own any pirated DVD’s or Music?
    Of course, who doesn’t these days!

    2. Why do you think it’s so popular?
    Basically because the legal DVD’s & Music take forever to come out and you get the pirated versions quicker. Plus its a question of cost as well.

    3. Do you think DVD’s are over-priced?
    Yes! If you buy a legal DVD here in the UK, the average cost is 17 pounds, but if you buy a pirated DVD it closts no more than 5 pounds. Don’t forget the Internet Torrents too, you can download them for free!

So the guys thank me for being honest and I walk away….

I then call my mom and tell her while laughing my head off, then she reminds me “You know if that recording went to the police, you’ll probably be arrested, it’s illegal” and I’m like “Naaaah!”. She then tells me that if I get arrested by the police, she isn’t gonna bail me out hahahaha

So yes people DVD & Music Piracy is bad… shame on you erm us!

But realistically, come on! Why pay for it, when you get it for free?!

It’s a little funny though that I was heading for my Law Class and there I was talking about how I love illegal DVD’s and Music haha

Oh well :lmao:


  1. “Why pay for it, when you get it for free?!”
    so ture! haha 😛

    I hope u dont get arrested! 😀

  2. Delurking – That’s incredibly ironic! 😀 Kind of like a priest going to a porn store before a christening. Wait… That’s too extreme!

    I will not! Wait.. I shall not! Wait… I SHAN’T do what you advised us not to.

    How are you feeling now?

  3. i’m gonna pretend i didnt read this post and continue my living my life the way it is, with torrents and pirated dvd….hehehe

  4. Everything – and I mean everything – is too expensive in the UK. So what do they expect? Meanwhile in Kuwait we have a whole other reason for buying pirated copies… either “The Ministry” doesn’t let anything into the country in the first place, or when they do it’s cut to ribbons so it’s not even worth watching.

  5. I’m with moocherx, because its so damn slow I just want to see things asap! I want to enjoy the movies!!! I honestly don’t mind paying good money to get movies quick but they interfere so much they just buy them! Not even wanting to wait for it to finish downloading all the movies I want to watch!

  6. downloading is stealing lol love this ad they put on DVDs especially when it plays on a pirated DVD copy haha

  7. 1. Yes
    2. Cheaper, Faster, more choices, more convenient
    3. Yes (in Egypt, 1DvD=120pounds, in France, 1DVD = 45Euros for god’s sake! )

  8. LMAO … i stopped goin to de cinemas for dat reason lol
    *downloadin movies online* 😀
    i like relaxin ma butt on bed, laptop on, coke and snax .. now dats HEAVEN!!

    and in dubai DVD= 2.7 $ only 😀

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