Last night, Wissam (my Omani friend) and I went out to a Chinese Buffet place and stuffed our faces :yum: which was yummy! Especially all the ice cream we had lol!

Afterwards, we caught the late night showing of Hannibal Rising, the trilogy of Hannibal Lecter. It documents his life from when he was a kid, to a young adult and how we became how he is as we normally know this character (when Anthony Hopkin’s plays him).

I’d recommend it, but go with a friend so you can jump into eachother’s arms during the scary bits hehhehe Wissam & me were screaming like a coupla girls (so if you were in Cineworld last night I’m sorry!)

[rating: 4/5]

Note: Edited it cause I gave a spoiler away by mistake 😛


  1. didnt read the whole post cos had a feeling u would ruin the movie for me cos am dieing to see it!

  2. I didn’t give away anything! Only that he bites ppl cheeks off and its about his childhood and growing up! The rest was about Chinese Food and girls screaming 😛

  3. Anayah, watch your weight because that chinese food is so dam tempting .Its been a while for me since i have had some chinese food but i guess in a couple of days i am going to head to a chinese resturant.

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