I realised that if I wanted people to listen to me and value me I would first have to prove myself worthy. I have learnt that I can never be anyone I am not and no one can ever be me as well.

In my younger years, I thought I knew what I wanted in my life. I wanted to be a singer, an international hotel manager and a bank manager all at the same time. I was young, full of life, had a lifetime ahead of me, and of course a wild imagination lol

I remember while in Grade 5, when I was living in Singapore, a teacher said to my mom that I not get anywhere in life, that I will fail at everything I set out to do and that I will never go to University. Of course my mom was shocked and never listened to him. I think that she had his comments in the back of her mind all these years and she motivated me to achieve my full potential.

When I graduated High School with good grades, she reminded me what he said. When I graduated University with my BSc, she reminded me what he said, how far I’ve came, and how much I’ve acheived. Now I’m doing my Masters, I remind MYSELF that I’ve come so far from being that 5th Grader, I’ve became someone whom my family is proud of, that inturn is motivation to succeed in itself.

I’ve always wanted to look my X teacher up and stick my middle finger up at him, but he’s probably dead lol

Moral of the Story: Throughout your life, there may be people who put you down, say you cannot do something, say you are useless and will never get anywhere in life…. but they are wrong! We each have our dreams, stick to them, try your hardest to make them happen because sometimes dreams really do come true 🙂


  1. maybe if that teacher didnt say what he said.. then you wouldnt be where you are…..his words in the back of her mind somehow affected you and made you achieve more…
    then maybe you should thank him instead of giving him the finger (in his grave) lol

  2. oh btw, theres something wrong with your blog.. i posted this at 9:06am it says i posted it at 5:58am..

  3. good story 🙂 if u go through life listening to what people say u will get nowhere!! look at u now! u r behind the design of fonzation.com 😛 that alone makes u a genius 😉

  4. Zed, hahahha yah my blog is on UK time 😉 and nah I won’t thank him hehehe he was an ass

    Fonzy, totally! I’m just amazing!

  5. Good for you. You made it 🙂

    Let me tell you what I always believe in. In your twenties, people will tell you that you’re great, brilliant and genius in your field. Never believe it, even if it’s true. They do that so they can trap you in your ego and the you will think you’re all that and won’t progress. Always work hard, even when you’re praised and take the praise in 100%.

    In your thirties, people will tell you that you’re bad, not creative, slow and such. Don’t believe it either. They want to tear you apart. They want to hurt you so that you stop being productive and question your abilities. You may be great and they’re less than that; they’re envious people and they want to destroy it. Even break you.

    You’re in your twenties, and I will tell you, this: Don’t settle for anything and work your hardest.

    I love visiting your blog 🙂

    I’m a lurker who, today felt like I should say something due to the topic at hand.


  6. Actually, I meant that you shouldn’t take the whole 100% of the praise. Take a fraction of it. Not even a half. This is because you know, in your core that you’re good but won’t be distracted with the praise or get a big head.

  7. You see, I totally agree with every word you said, people are going to put you down all the time but you should be the bigger person and not let it get to you because in the end, you are capable of doing anything.

    In my situation is mother who puts me down LOL! So yeah that’s quite interesting!

  8. “If you see me fall, will you see me crawl up and rise again” TAT THE DON
    ok reason I’m quoting myself is this prof gave me this question wrong which everyone got right since I didnt quote myself and they all said like TAT said…

    Don’t let anyone victimize you and be the baddest mofo in town and stay true to yourself and your dreams would be realized

  9. Captain Obvious: thx for the great advice and thx for finally commenting 😀

    Jackie: We are all capable of achieving what we set out to do, some just work harder than others!

    Tat: I promise I wont be a mofo 😛

  10. Tough girl, that’s a really great thing, I take it this way myself, if somebody tells me that I can’t do something, if I’m not convinced that I can’t do it, it will flame me up to do it, and when I’m done with it, along with the feeling of being proud of achieving something, I get this urge to look and point at that person and say “#*&$ you! you’re wrong!”.

    But I also like encouragements whether from family, teachesr or friends, it’s very very effective, it just gives you that inner warm feeling that somebody is behind your back cheering you up to go through whatever you’re doing or going through. I hope they’ll invent pills that will give you that feeling. lol

  11. It’s this kind of people who motivate you to challenge yourself! Needless to say, if you have the determination then you’ll pass in everything. It’s just a matter of time.

  12. 🙂 Agreed with what you have to say, but i also agree with Captain Obvious .. because what he said happened with me as well .. people praising making you think your all that and in reality your just a beginner in the job market … now ijust take every task on it’s own , finish it excel in it and move on.

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