I don’t feel good, I was sitting on the sofa then suddenly my head felt really heavy, I became really dizzy and I started shaking.

I thought it was because I haven’t ate all day, so I got some water and a falafel but I’m still dizzy and my hands are shaking.

I think I need to lie down :ouch:


  1. Get some sleep, that usually helps me. Talking about falafel just reminded me that I’m hungry. There is this great turkish restaurant near my house that does the orginal shawarma with lebanese bread, not the hot dog bun shawarma. I am going to go get a few.

  2. get some rest and eat proper food…are you taking any vitamins? if you still don\’t feel OK go see a doctor!

  3. shopa, yah I take iron pills, multivitamins, cod liver oil, and another one just for women

    maze, it’s not about sleep. I dont know… maybe I’m not eating properly

    don veto, yummmmmy!

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