So I’m lying in bed right now *get those kinky thoughts outta your head mister* and after watching the movie; a perfect man, and speaking to the guy who makes me smile like a 5 year old.. it got me thinking! *yes I can actually think once in a while*

The aged old question; What is the perfect man?

Is he defined by how rich he is? what color his skin is? what he looks like physically? if he comes from a good family? what job he does? how he spoils you like a princess?

Or is it more about the way he treats you? the way he makes you feel? the fact that he gives you butterflies just thinking about being with him? that fact that he loves you for you is more than enough for him to be deemed the perfect man?

I guess everyone has different expectations of the perfect man, just like men have the same thoughts about the perfect girl.

The way I see it is, perfection should not be deemed by how the person looks, but by how they treat you. Beauty fades away with age, all that is left in the end is wrinkles and saggy skin (unless you become best friends with a plastic surgeon!).

Real perfection is the way you feel while around them, the way he looks after you, the way he loves you, the fact that you miss him even when you’re talking to him, the fact that he pops into your head several times a day and you smile like an idiot, the fact that you want to do things to please him without hesitating but most of all the way he makes you feel like the only woman alive… that to me is perfection.

But you know what? there is no such thing as perfection! There are some people who brush aside those who they feel do not fit their “type” or they are not “perfect” enough just because they have flaws. The real beauty in life is seeing past those flaws, because everyone has flaws deep inside, and the guy you may have thought was the perfect one for you, could have a closet full of flaws itching to get out.

So there you have it, my wise thought on perfection in men, but hey… this can be used on women too! That hot model you lush over with the perfect boobs, waist and ass will fade over time and all that is left is photographs of what was… and most probably a brain full of marshmallows!

I’ll leave you now with one of my favourite quotes:

We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly
~ Sam Keen


  1. That’s deep thinking. Don’t wait too long hoping to find a perfect person, because there’s no such thing, but at the same time, don’t rush into any person because when you find out the hidden truth, it might be painful.
    Take your time but also seek and search, because if you just sit around, there might be a person who’s made for you, but instead, that person belongs to somebody else, all because you chose to sit in front of your computer surfing dating sites. That’s my 1 cent advice.

  2. if u can see past his flaws then he would be perfect 🙂 nobody is perfect to the world but every person is perfect in the eyes of at least one person.

  3. And, I kinda stole some of your cute smilies and have em in ma new post 😛
    if ya dun mind ya3ni *winks*

  4. nice and cozy words, but the sad truth is that women prefer jerks over nice guys, although they complain that they cant find a nice one, what they are really saying is that i want a guy who doesn’t give a damn about me and treats me like S#!t :(.
    but I’m not generalizing it off course.
    keep up the good writing Mimi.

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  6. even superman ended up in a wheelchair, 2pac died so yeah learn to like their flaws 😛 or something

  7. Perfection in the eyes of lovers is bliss.
    Perfection is the feeling of her lips on ur first kiss
    Perfection through realising each others dreams
    and accomplishing them each with a smile that gleams

  8. i like the quote its so true. there is no such thing as a perfect man, but the perfect man for u with all his flaws.

  9. Nael, I already found perfection in my eyes 😉

    Fonzy, I totally agree

    Mar, awww I’m sorry *huuuug*

    Blasha, its okay ;*

    Amjad, I certainly dont! I’d rather find a nice guy who treats me right over a bastard any day 😛

    Bob, I have these certain brain waves every so often!

    Tat, exactly! 2Pac was my ideal man til he got murdered loool *joke* but he was hot 😛

  10. Wow what else can i say mimi, you’ve said it all.
    But i’d like to add another thing, it isn’t necessary for the person you’re being with to be perfect, what matters the most is that; he is perfect in your eyes even if he’s full of flaws.

  11. Loala, exactly! I don’t expect the man I’m with to be perfect, because in my eyes he is the perfect person for me, regardless of any faults he may have. That’s what my post is all about 😛

  12. hahahahhaha i cant say if ur perfect or not, because for you to be deemed perfect, it has to come from the girl who is in love with you. She will be able to know if u are! hehehehe

    But if you want me to lie, yah tat ur perfect hehehehehe

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