My order from Amazon finally arrived :dance: I ordered 4 books; only 3 arrived today but that’s ok 😀 It’s been ages since I was in the mood to read books, but I have the bug again… so I splurged out lol

I recieved:
By: Allegra Stratton

Love in a Torn Land
By: Jean Sasson

No One Takes My Children: The Dramatic Story of a Mother’s Determination to Regain Her Kidnapped Son and Daughter
By: Donya Al-Nahi

I’m still waiting for:
Ester’s Child
By: Jean Sasson

Here is a little snippet of the chapter about Kuwait in Muhajababes:

Jean Sasson is one of my favourite Authors, I can never put them down! So I’ll save her books for after I’ve finished some projects which are due next week :spin:

Swair is stealing the Muhajababes book after I finish it hehehe

Oooh & I’ll review the books once I’m done 😀


  1. YAYYY!!!!!!!!

    I’m waiting for ‘Muhajababes’ to arrive as well 🙂

    Hahaha, funny how the first part in the ‘Kuwait’ chapter is about KU! lol

  2. Swair: of course u do :* emwaaaaa

    Sou: Totally… and you flip throught the pages and it talks about starbucks, gays and transexuals hahahaha

  3. Rehan, yah it totally does!

    I started reading Muhajababes b4 I slept lastnite, I cheated and read the Kuwaiti chapter, it was all a bit boring actually. Talking abt the KU student elections, how u can tell who is bedouin from there dishdasha’s, abt shar el 7ob, bluetooth being used 2 flirt, a gay guy with 2 phones who wears lipstick in his car and talks abt gays in q8 and also transexuals.

    Stuff we already knew abt :p

  4. WOW, i heared alot of Muhajababes but it didn’t cross my mind to buy it though!
    Check out my blog to see some of the book previews i did.

  5. The muhajababes books seems interesting but I’m not sure, it might be shallow and boring, a waste of time to read. I will be waiting for your review so chop chop!

  6. Excellent collection 🙂

    I’ll make sure to grab “The Muhajababes”…it seems interesting. I wonder if I can find it in Borders?

  7. OoO I didn’t know Jean Sasson had a new book out! 😀 great choices. Gonna see if they have them here 😀

  8. i wonder whether no one takes my children by donya al nahi is avaibile n kuwait incase not how is it possibile to find it.i read muhagababes but didnt like it to b honest but i love the book love n a torn land its just amazin got totally hooked to it

  9. mohammed, you can find it on amazon or if you want I can mail you it, since I’ve read it. Email me your address if you cant find it on amazon

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