The right hand side of my mouth is killing me *cries* I cracked a tooth last nite on a damn apple and I couldn’t sleep cause of the pain!

I don’t even know any dentists here *cries again*

I’ve been biting on cotton wool to try stop the pain since pressure on it helps

but eeeeeeeeeeek I’m doped up on pain killers but it’s killing me

madry I think it’s the nerve of my molar…

I want this pain to ennnnnnnnnnnnnnd 😥

Update 1: My f$%^&ing tooth cracked again in the cinema! I was biting on the cotton wool thing, and suddenly craaaaaaaaaaaaaack and tiny little pieces of my tooth fell outta my mouth! I’m like :wtf:! The pain then stopped! But now the pain is back a little bit! It hurts if I drink tea, hurts when I drink cold stuff…. so basically I have to drink anything that’s room temp. or else I’ll scream and not in a good way lol

Update 2: I called the Dental Hospital, they only take people at 8:30am or at 1:30pm and they serve on a first come first serve basis. It’s a teaching hospital so it will probably be a student that plays with my teeth! Damn it! I’m scared! I need someone to hold my hand! Those dentist scare the crap outta me *shiver*


  1. babe… u need to get urself to a dentist asap… the pain is gonna just keep hurting!!! get a local directory.. call 411 (if thats the info number there).. and get urself somewhere to get it fixed… get better babe!

  2. Well done. Tooth pain is most likely the most terrible pain ever. Way out? dentist or vodka. And if you dentist is Dr Vodka, you are saved.



    Take it like a man !!!!!

    Oh wait … ur not a dude !!!

    Awwwww hope u get better soon 😀

  4. Lavender: Totally, I’m going tomorrow *hug* how are u and my little neice/nephew in ur tum tum?

    Bob: Glad to see u here again! Vodka would be a great help, sadly only got beer, bacardi or wine in the house hahaha

    Jackie: Allah y3salmiccccccccch and mabrook on ur ninja turtles 😛

    Zouk: Drugsssssssssss *homer’s voice* I’m already doped up on nurofen, panadol and water 😛

    Fractal: shut upppppppp *cries*

  5. awwww *hugs* don’t worry, maybe all the student-dentists will have a strike and refuse to come to teaching school lol and u get the gentlest most nicest old grandpa-like professional dentist who’ll make u feel comfy and take the pain away in the most painless way possible to man kind with the help of many drugs lol 😀

  6. Hope the pain goes away. My lil bro just got half of one his teeth go down. Him and his cousins are like all into you got served practicing breakdancing and shit and somehow he landed on his tooth lol so i guess he feels ya 😛

  7. sorry to hear that, reminds me of nightmares where teeth just start to fall out :/

    i hope u feel better

  8. thanks everyone *cries*

    because it cracked twice now (its a molar on the right top side) it doesnt hurt as much! But I need to get it taken out 🙁

    Tat & joud nice to see u here

  9. Hope you get better soon, I semi know what you’re going through, just make sure you go to a dentist who knows what he/she’s doing, or you’re gonna go through a living hell, believe me.

  10. Nabil: totally! I’ll trust you to play with my teeth 😀

    Fonzy: Nooooooooooo *cries*

    Bob: Let’s see, it cracked more, stopped hurting, going to dentist on tuesday and will get it pulled out *cries*

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