Libellula gave me this website today after she was chatting about it at the movies earlier (we saw Smokin Aces). Anyway, this website enables you to watch tons of Movies, TV Shows, Anime and Cartoons without having to download them! Although it would suck to be on dial up while watching!

So here it is

Enjoy :spin:

P.S. Go into TV Shows> Little Mosque on the Prarie *giggle* I’m loving this!

Oh Zouk, they have up til Season 6 of 24! Since your lazy ass STILL didn’t send me the DVD’s I guess I’ll watch it on there!


  1. Off topic, just got the chance to see the video of your flat and I LOVE IT. hehehhe it reminds me so much of my London flat. It’s nice and looks cozy but needs serious decoration it’s way too pale. And dude you say “FUNKY” way too much too ;* but I still luv yah..

    Hope your tooth pain is gone.

  2. Thanks for the website its gr8 ! only bad thing is that its not very clear ;(

  3. Shopa: yah I know, but my mom wants it all white walls lol I just need some cool pictures for the wall! and yah I say funky too much and cool 😛

    Sou: yes they do 😛

    Zouk: Totally! But I wanted the DVD’s bitch!

    Swair: Yip Yip! It was ermmm bloody 😛

    Reallo: Nice to see u here! Some of them are clear, some aren’t. It’s better than nothing I guess 😛

  4. LOL I agree with Zouk, you got 8MB! and that means you can download whatever in record time so SHUTUP AND DOWNLOAD STUFF lol! ;p

  5. Dony worry about it! Just remember! 8MB! That will be my only reply to all the arguments I have with you1 8MB!

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