February 2007


I was walking to University this morning for my Law Class. It was pouring of rain, my hair was all wet, my ipod stuck in my ears and trying to balance my new hangbag and umberella @ the same time wasn’t easy! As I was walking, 3 men came up to me and stopped me. They asked if I wouldn’t mind being interviewed on camera regarding DVD & Music Piracy, so I said sure as along as I could lie (so I wouldn’t go to jail) the guys start laughing and said “as long as it’s a good lie”.

So they asked me 3 questions and my replies are below:

    1. Do you own any pirated DVD’s or Music?
    Of course, who doesn’t these days!

    2. Why do you think it’s so popular?
    Basically because the legal DVD’s & Music take forever to come out and you get the pirated versions quicker. Plus its a question of cost as well.

    3. Do you think DVD’s are over-priced?
    Yes! If you buy a legal DVD here in the UK, the average cost is 17 pounds, but if you buy a pirated DVD it closts no more than 5 pounds. Don’t forget the Internet Torrents too, you can download them for free!

So the guys thank me for being honest and I walk away….

I then call my mom and tell her while laughing my head off, then she reminds me “You know if that recording went to the police, you’ll probably be arrested, it’s illegal” and I’m like “Naaaah!”. She then tells me that if I get arrested by the police, she isn’t gonna bail me out hahahaha

So yes people DVD & Music Piracy is bad… shame on you erm us!

But realistically, come on! Why pay for it, when you get it for free?!

It’s a little funny though that I was heading for my Law Class and there I was talking about how I love illegal DVD’s and Music haha

Oh well :lmao:

We all love designer items, one of my favourite designers is Louis Vuitton. I adore their shoes, handbags, wallets and sunglasses 😀

But there comes a point when you have too much of a good thing. I hate to see someone head to foot in designer clothes, especially if they are by the same designer.

Now look at the car above, would you be seen dead in that?!

My motto is: Mix & Match 😛

Last night, Wissam (my Omani friend) and I went out to a Chinese Buffet place and stuffed our faces :yum: which was yummy! Especially all the ice cream we had lol!

Afterwards, we caught the late night showing of Hannibal Rising, the trilogy of Hannibal Lecter. It documents his life from when he was a kid, to a young adult and how we became how he is as we normally know this character (when Anthony Hopkin’s plays him).

I’d recommend it, but go with a friend so you can jump into eachother’s arms during the scary bits hehhehe Wissam & me were screaming like a coupla girls (so if you were in Cineworld last night I’m sorry!)

[rating: 4/5]

Note: Edited it cause I gave a spoiler away by mistake 😛

Those who know me, know that I have had a terrible time trying to sleep for over 2 weeks. I’ve gone 32 hours without sleep last week, then the other night went 18 hours without sleep.

But last night that changed!

I headed to bed at 11pm, fell asleep after playing with my phone a bit and woke up at 10am, plus felt like I should sleep more, but I dragged myself up outta bed and took a warm shower and I feel GREAT! I did wake up a couple of times during the night though but just changed my sleeping position and then went back to sleep!

Woohooooo :dance:

Let’s hope I can sleep as good tonight :woot:

I realised that if I wanted people to listen to me and value me I would first have to prove myself worthy. I have learnt that I can never be anyone I am not and no one can ever be me as well.

In my younger years, I thought I knew what I wanted in my life. I wanted to be a singer, an international hotel manager and a bank manager all at the same time. I was young, full of life, had a lifetime ahead of me, and of course a wild imagination lol

I remember while in Grade 5, when I was living in Singapore, a teacher said to my mom that I not get anywhere in life, that I will fail at everything I set out to do and that I will never go to University. Of course my mom was shocked and never listened to him. I think that she had his comments in the back of her mind all these years and she motivated me to achieve my full potential.

When I graduated High School with good grades, she reminded me what he said. When I graduated University with my BSc, she reminded me what he said, how far I’ve came, and how much I’ve acheived. Now I’m doing my Masters, I remind MYSELF that I’ve come so far from being that 5th Grader, I’ve became someone whom my family is proud of, that inturn is motivation to succeed in itself.

I’ve always wanted to look my X teacher up and stick my middle finger up at him, but he’s probably dead lol

Moral of the Story: Throughout your life, there may be people who put you down, say you cannot do something, say you are useless and will never get anywhere in life…. but they are wrong! We each have our dreams, stick to them, try your hardest to make them happen because sometimes dreams really do come true 🙂

I don’t feel good, I was sitting on the sofa then suddenly my head felt really heavy, I became really dizzy and I started shaking.

I thought it was because I haven’t ate all day, so I got some water and a falafel but I’m still dizzy and my hands are shaking.

I think I need to lie down :ouch:

Early Wednesday morning (think 4am) I couldn’t sleep, so I was listening to this R&B Radio Station and they were having a competition. Basically you had to sms in when you heard a specific song the DJ asked for. So, when the 1st beat came on I knew instantly it was the song they wanted, so I smsed in!

Guess what? Come 5am, the DJ called me and said “Congrats Mimi, you’ve won!!!!”

I’m like “OMGGGG REALLY?!” So he asked for my address, then goes to me “Where are you from? You should American!” so I explain to him my weird mixed up life then says “Aite, that’s daym cool girl!”

I was on the phone at 5am with this hot American DJ *faints*

So anyway, back on air he announced the competition winners and when it came time for my name he goes “And Mimi (he used my real name tho) the Scottish girl with the weird American accent!”.

So yah I’m now offically phamous for my weird accent *aiwaaaaaaaa*

Oh, I won a signed copy of one of my favourite R&B/Funk Soul Singers new albums which won’t be released for a coupla months, plus some other new R&B albums! I’m pretty excited hehehee but I woulda been more excited if I won money or a vacation 😛 But hey at least it’s something!

I’ll leave you with a video of the artist whose signed CD I won; Nate James & my favourite song by him.

So I’m lying in bed right now *get those kinky thoughts outta your head mister* and after watching the movie; a perfect man, and speaking to the guy who makes me smile like a 5 year old.. it got me thinking! *yes I can actually think once in a while*

The aged old question; What is the perfect man?

Is he defined by how rich he is? what color his skin is? what he looks like physically? if he comes from a good family? what job he does? how he spoils you like a princess?

Or is it more about the way he treats you? the way he makes you feel? the fact that he gives you butterflies just thinking about being with him? that fact that he loves you for you is more than enough for him to be deemed the perfect man?

I guess everyone has different expectations of the perfect man, just like men have the same thoughts about the perfect girl.

The way I see it is, perfection should not be deemed by how the person looks, but by how they treat you. Beauty fades away with age, all that is left in the end is wrinkles and saggy skin (unless you become best friends with a plastic surgeon!).

Real perfection is the way you feel while around them, the way he looks after you, the way he loves you, the fact that you miss him even when you’re talking to him, the fact that he pops into your head several times a day and you smile like an idiot, the fact that you want to do things to please him without hesitating but most of all the way he makes you feel like the only woman alive… that to me is perfection.

But you know what? there is no such thing as perfection! There are some people who brush aside those who they feel do not fit their “type” or they are not “perfect” enough just because they have flaws. The real beauty in life is seeing past those flaws, because everyone has flaws deep inside, and the guy you may have thought was the perfect one for you, could have a closet full of flaws itching to get out.

So there you have it, my wise thought on perfection in men, but hey… this can be used on women too! That hot model you lush over with the perfect boobs, waist and ass will fade over time and all that is left is photographs of what was… and most probably a brain full of marshmallows!

I’ll leave you now with one of my favourite quotes:

We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly
~ Sam Keen

I’ve been meaning to do this post since like FOREVER! A collection of my favourite old skool jams from back in the days reminising about my younger years lol and what it reminds me of 🙂 So I hope you enjoy them and they bring back memories for you too! Hell, why don’t you comment with your favourite old skool jams or what my jams remind you of 😉

Beware: This is a MONSTER post!

1. Miami Band- Raht 3alinah kuwait
*aiwwwaaaaa* way back in 1996 I was shaking my ass to this in the car with my mom! I got her addicted to Miami hahah

2. Boyz II Men- Motownphilly
I heard this a few years after it was released while gezzing with friends on shar el 7ob and we started dancing like crazy in the car

3. Shawn Stockman- Visions of a Sunset
I first heard this after watching the movie; Mr Holland Octus or something 😛 It’s such a sweet song!

4. Silk- Freak me
Released in 1993, I was 11 years old and I was singing this song word by word but was too innocent to know what it was really talking about. Fast forward to being 16, I listened to it in a friends car laughed my heart out and will never think of whipped cream in the same way ever again

My order from Amazon finally arrived :dance: I ordered 4 books; only 3 arrived today but that’s ok 😀 It’s been ages since I was in the mood to read books, but I have the bug again… so I splurged out lol

I recieved:
By: Allegra Stratton

Love in a Torn Land
By: Jean Sasson

No One Takes My Children: The Dramatic Story of a Mother’s Determination to Regain Her Kidnapped Son and Daughter
By: Donya Al-Nahi

I’m still waiting for:
Ester’s Child
By: Jean Sasson

Here is a little snippet of the chapter about Kuwait in Muhajababes:

Jean Sasson is one of my favourite Authors, I can never put them down! So I’ll save her books for after I’ve finished some projects which are due next week :spin:

Swair is stealing the Muhajababes book after I finish it hehehe

Oooh & I’ll review the books once I’m done 😀

Libellula gave me this website today after she was chatting about it at the movies earlier (we saw Smokin Aces). Anyway, this website enables you to watch tons of Movies, TV Shows, Anime and Cartoons without having to download them! Although it would suck to be on dial up while watching!

So here it is

Enjoy :spin:

P.S. Go into TV Shows> Little Mosque on the Prarie *giggle* I’m loving this!

Oh Zouk, they have up til Season 6 of 24! Since your lazy ass STILL didn’t send me the DVD’s I guess I’ll watch it on there!

The right hand side of my mouth is killing me *cries* I cracked a tooth last nite on a damn apple and I couldn’t sleep cause of the pain!

I don’t even know any dentists here *cries again*

I’ve been biting on cotton wool to try stop the pain since pressure on it helps

but eeeeeeeeeeek I’m doped up on pain killers but it’s killing me

madry I think it’s the nerve of my molar…

I want this pain to ennnnnnnnnnnnnnd 😥

Update 1: My f$%^&ing tooth cracked again in the cinema! I was biting on the cotton wool thing, and suddenly craaaaaaaaaaaaaack and tiny little pieces of my tooth fell outta my mouth! I’m like :wtf:! The pain then stopped! But now the pain is back a little bit! It hurts if I drink tea, hurts when I drink cold stuff…. so basically I have to drink anything that’s room temp. or else I’ll scream and not in a good way lol

Update 2: I called the Dental Hospital, they only take people at 8:30am or at 1:30pm and they serve on a first come first serve basis. It’s a teaching hospital so it will probably be a student that plays with my teeth! Damn it! I’m scared! I need someone to hold my hand! Those dentist scare the crap outta me *shiver*