The Cable Guy: Sounds like heart break to me.
Steven Kovacs: Well I really don’t want to discuss it with you. Could you just install my cable please? I’m gonna go get dressed.
The Cable Guy: Suit yourself. No sweat off my sac. Oh by the way, you might wanna put on a bathing suit ’cause you’ll be channel surfing in no time!

The Cable Guy woke me up at 8am ~ I didn’t mind
Any gadget geek would be dancing up & down! And I was inside!
50+ channels for my viewing pleasure minus the p0rno channels *vomit* :huh:
So yesh I’m hooked up to the outside world now; Cable TV, DSL & a phone line :woot:
BTW Zouk, you’re gonna kill me ~ I HAVE BETWEEN 8-10MB DSL!!!!!
Oooh I just found an old TV show ~ The Wonder Years remember that?!
I’m like a kid with candy :spin:


  1. FUCKING A! THATS FAST! U bitch!

    Give me some! You have to pay an arm and a leg here for 2MB!

    I will let you know that I picked up a new gadget I am VERY much looking forward to! hehehe

    email me your new address I have a house warming gift for ya… your gonna love it

  2. Zouk wants to kill you only?! What about ME! I WANT TO BUTCHER YOU! Hehehe

    Congrats hon ;* Now we can go back to our normal freaky chats hehee ;p We’ll be joined at the hips oh wait at the fingers again?

  3. juju, hips, fingers, head, feet… same ol thing 😛 we are siamese twins REMEMBER?

    zouk, i adore gadgets! ok email sent 😀

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