I’m back ~ for today anyway

    + My lovely *cough* big brother is 29 today, damn he’s getting old!
    + My parent’s will celebrate their 30th Wedding Anniversary on Saturday
    + I joined a gym *eeeek*
    + Started back at University; 10,000 word project to do in 1 week *heart attack*
    + The internet & cable TV will get installed tomorrow in my apartment
    + The first night I stayed in the apartment alone was pretty scary, I had a dream that it was broken into!
    + I’m missing Jackie, Willie-Boy and the Twirlies like crazy
    + I realise that I worry too much, something I need to work on
    + I’ve been spending most of my time with the guys in my class; they are really cool & I’m just one of the guys to them 😛
    + 2 of my best friends from University in Aberdeen are coming down this weekend to visit me which should be fun
    + I went to the movies with Libellula ~ my fellow Starbuck addict
    + I’ve found more old school friends on Facebook ~ I hate hi5 and myspace now it’s full of idiots!

Sometimes in life, you have to take a step back to realise how much you have got and achieved, it is only then, when you can fully appreciated the life you lead and be truly happy within yourself.


  1. a7la welcome back love.. missed ya… oo lovely shots.. and hey ur bro is not old.. e7m e7m.. i am just one year behind him now.. (did i say that out loud???.. erm i mean i am just a few years behind him :D) anyway.. any relationship needs hard work.. good luck with it.. oo hope all is going well for ya hon.. ciao

  2. I missed you more, and it feels weird to be online and not talk to anyone because you’re well my partner in crime! Its not that I don’t talk to anyone but I don’t have my special friend ;*

    And I get everything that you said and I totally understand how you want to be the number one. And I am addicted to Facebook as well I think I’m going to remove my Hi5.

    I love you hose ;*

  3. hmmm.. you have a lot on your plate I see! And the 10’000 word in one week is slightly insane! You might as well be writing a book!

    Enjoy the gym I need to get into it as well!

  4. welcome back:) congrats on the cable. have fun with ur friends visiting. no need for jealousy 😉 looking forward to ur visit!:)

  5. + 29 is not old.
    + 30th anniversary.. now that’s sexy
    + fat burner yaaaaaaaaay
    + I hate homeworks
    + neat
    + bad dreams..
    + mmmmm
    + not missing me?
    + and how mobile providers get their cash too
    + mmmmm
    + mmmmmmmm
    + mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    + mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    + party time
    + nice
    + good
    + I hate facebook
    + I’m already in Kuwait

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