My parents are on there way over from Paris at this very moment. They should arrive in 45 mins :love:

I got a lovely Xmas card from Shopa which arrived the other day :heart:

I love Jackie with all my heart, she’s one of my bestest friends in the world 😉

I realised last night that I have an amazing close knit bunch of friends who I would never swap for anything

I’m worried about my grandfather, he has been going to the bathroom WAAAAY too much, then going to his bedroom for 30mins straight afterwards and coughing alot! I noticed some blood on a towel in the bathroom, and I asked him what it was and he said he just cut his finger, but from watching CSI like mad, I know the blood patterns do not match a cut finger… more like a cough :shh: Last night around 9pm, he told me… incase any of you are looking for Chewy’s shampoo later, it’s in the garage. Now… why would he say something strange like that :hmm: He keeps talking about dying, and how he will give the house to my mom after he’s gone. He’s also talking about re-decorating the property as it will add value to the selling price when he’s dead 😥

I’m decorating my apartment later tonight with my parents, they are bringing over furniture from Paris for it so I’ll take photos tonight.

Chewy learnt a new trick today, when he does the bathroom outside, I normally give him a doggy biscuit. I just played with him in the garden, and came back inside.. he ran to the kitchen waiting for a biscuit cause he knows he normally gets on lol it’s so cute!

Anyway, Happy New Year again :heart: I’ve fixed the main problem of the site in IE, I just been to sort out the sidebar alignment but I’ll do that later…. GET FIREFOX PEOPLE… IE IS SHIT


  1. I’m first to comment here as well ha ? 😛 Hehehehe Well You made me smile, blush, and everything when I read about how you love me with all your heart beacause that’s the same feelings I have for you girl! I thank William for introducing us to each other a year ago because without that hehe I wouldn’t have found a soul-mate within you hehe 😛

    You are my baby girl, my love, my friend, my life, I trust you with all my heart and I love you with it as well. Hell what other girl loves gadgets as much as I do?!

    Here is to 2007 being a better year for our friendship and everything else, and to meeting each other hehe ;p *clinks your champagne glass (mine has water in it blah ;P)*

  2. I’m sorry for your grandfather, I hope he feels better soon..

    BTW, Firefox Rocks! its simply faster, lighter and safer than IE7

  3. totally Nizar! IE is just so annoying lol

    Thx.. my grandfather never tells us when he’s ill until he collapses and gets rushed to hospital! He’ll never change lol

  4. Firefox > IE, thats it

    Happy New Year and hopefully your G-Pa is ok!

    How long did the furnishing take?

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