I decided to check my site stats to see how people actually find my site on the net… to my surprise here are the Top 10 keywords

    1 naked men
    2 lebanese flag
    3 leona lewis
    4 falling man
    5 the falling man
    6 allah
    7 big butts
    8 fernando alonso
    9 men naked
    10 big butts.com
    + Now, when have I posted naked men? I haven’t seen any :hehe: damn it!!!
    + I do have a thing for Fernando Alonso so that’s ok
    + Big butts? What does my ass have to do with things?
    + The falling man was a post I talked about 9/11 and a photograph of ‘The Falling Man’, Aussie Vogue linked me in their website and I’ve seen numerous other sites link to my website on my post
    + Leona Lewis, sure… I’ve talked about her tons of times
    + Allah? Hmm… no comment
    + Lebanese Flag? That baffles me!


  1. Sigh I don’t know what to say anymore you have shocked me beyond reason. ;p Talking about naked men and big butts :s

  2. moey, zouk jokes abt my ass coz we talk all gangsta n shit together 😛

    frantic, I dont lust over naked men, I lust over one guy only 😛

  3. This is something that tends to surprise individuals as the keywords that guide people to their site tend to be different than the keywords they expect people to be arriving for.

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