I dragged my brother to IKEA today so that I could look at sofa bed’s and some book shelves for my new apartment. I found at least 10 things I want, so I wrote them down and called mom to tell her

Anyway, my brother was in a totally bad mood so to cheer him up, I told him I’d buy him a hotdog and at 50p each, how could I refuse!

I got 2 large hot dogs and cokes for £2.00 which is like 😯

The hotdog was moist, the bread was soft and fluffy as I like it… however the more I chewed, the more harder it became to eat. Not because it wasn’t delicious (I loved it!) but the outer skin of the hotdog was a teenie bit hard (I’m not sure what it’s called) and then as I was biting my gum started bleeding lol

For the price it was amazing, I will have another one again next time I go, next week :woot:, I’ll just be picky about which one I choose 😛

[rating 3.5/5]


  1. 50p?!

    That’s like what 250fils? I suck at maths, so I wouldn’t know :p LOL!

    Glad you found stuff for your place! 😉

  2. 50p is 250fils approx yah 😛

    we are only buying a sofa bed, some shelves and a desk from IKEA. The rest of the furniture is from Paris 😀

  3. I don’t want to be a party pooper, but I always felt it was better not to imagine what is in those hot dogs. They have them at IKEA here in Hungary too, and they’re just too cheap to be healthy. They’re suspiciously cheap….

  4. I was about to say that it isnt that good looking, but for 50p you really have no room to complain, but imagine what it was made with! Damn! hehehehe

  5. Sultana, of course… but isn’t all junk food unhealthy 😛

    Zouk, no complaints (except the skin bit) and I don’t wanna know what was in it lol

  6. no because he does similar reviews, talking about the bread and whatever inside then giving opinion on the price and finally rating the meal or restaurant

  7. IKEA’s hotdogs are the devil in disguise i tell ya!!!

    I adore them.
    Oh once I was working at a sandwich store and my boss told me how sausages are made. wanna know? 😛

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