A personal voice message from the one and only me :blush:


& a little music to get you into the christmas spirit!


  1. Cuteeee Personal message hoe 😛 Hehehe I love you too! Hehehehe and yeah we really do talk about many things hehe I still can’t forget our recent conversation lol can’t mention it here but you;ll know which one 😛

  2. yah totally and that conversation cracked me up and the ASS-GATE one 😛 mwahahahahaha seriously if anyone read the Twirlie chat’s they’d put us in a Psych hospital and throw away the key!

    Have a merry xmas baby juju :***

  3. Hey. That’s a real sweet personal message. I only started reading this blog this month, but it seems I missed out on an action-packed year. Merry Christmas to you and may the new year carry with it even better things than the year that passed.

  4. Merry Christmas Mich!!!

    I hope your grandpa gets better soon, and im glad you’re cool with your folks 😀

    love you much bebeh :*

  5. Merry Christmas girl and I hope you have a fantastic time! 🙂

    While Im stuck at work, burning out and my nerves getting shot!


    That’s the cutest message I’ve ever heard!!! Hun, I’m so glad that we’re friends, heck, we’re more than friends, we’re like sisters!! The Twirls totally kick ass!!!

    I love youuuuuuuuuu!! :*****

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