Lewis’ debut single pre-sold 1,000,000 copies making it an almost certain number one before it’s even been released. I even bought her single because I think she’s amazing!

& yes I’m obsessed! Hence why I’ve created a Leona Lewis category within the blog!

I like the video, it shows her journey from the start to the finish and where she will end up! A global superstar!

Note: She won 60% of the 8million votes cast

Update: New video uploaded as previous was taken off you tube


  1. Voice of Angel….She will be a world superstar.

    True (unaided studio altered voices) like hers are rare.

  2. Awesome Video 🙂

    WOW, so she did win the contest. I really wanna see the final show…I bet it was glamorous.

  3. she is so gorgus n prettt n i love da video…..she is fantastic n ber chung!!!!

  4. ur site sucks!!!!!!!!! but leona is fab!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. i think it is great that you have such a refreshing way in reaching and touching people like me thru your site and yes leona is jewel
    shame bleeding hearts did not show her full vocal range but in time a song will be made to show just how fantastic she is. good luckxxx

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