Since the other Twirlies are posting photos of their cute socks, I decided that I MUST follow the trend… so here are my ever sexy freaky Xmas Rudolph the Reindeer socks with bells 😛


Sexy ha?


  1. LMAO They sure are! Hehehehehe and I love how the image is taken hehehe its weird hehe makes one think that you were in a weird freaky position to take it 😛

  2. yah I was bent over with the cam in my hand looking over to the LCD Screen to see if they were in the frame… my damn back hurts now 😛

  3. Adorkable. Both you and your socks. How strange is it that I’ve had socks on the brain since Thursday?

  4. I waaaaaaaaant!
    Cute socks!

    I posted pix of my slippers once..does that count? I wear boring white socks.

  5. lol U COPY-CATS :p

    ya3ni i start something and then all these ppl start posting the same thing LOL

  6. OK ok .. your a size 7 so its ok.. they just look big.. maybe wide angle lenz.. IM a 10 so its ok.. calm down.. everything is ok!

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