So finally I got to watch Happy Feet, I’ve watched it twice since! I adore Fluffy Little Mumbles! The graphics were amazing, the soundtrack was hot and the voice-cast was just perfect; Robin Williams, Fat Joe, Brittany Murphy, Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman to name a few!

Set deep inside the icy land of Antarctica, two emperor penguins have a baby named Mumble (Elijah Wood). Hatched upon his feet, he has an amazing skill for tap-dancing. However, penguins are not supposed to tap dance. Even worse, he cannot sing. All emperor penguins had supposed to have a heartsong, in which has a try at it, with awful results. Torn apart from his mom (Nicole Kidman), dad (Hugh Jackman), and best friend, Gloria (Brittany Murphy), as a teenager who still has his adolescent feathers, his ventures off into the icy landscape. He is rescued from a leopard seal from a group of Adelie penguins, whom which the leader is Ramon (Robin Williams). They take Mumble to their home and discover that all of their fish is being taken from an unknown ‘alien’ source. They ask Lovelace (Robin Williams), a non-wise and cocky leader of the Adelies, to help them. Unfortunately, he becomes of no help. Leading on an incredible adventure, they try to discover the threat of their food source and survival. Using courage and bravery, Mumble begins to teach everyone begins to learn that uniqueness isn’t a burden, but is a gift to be treasured. [source]

What I loved:
The Music, graphical animations, the baby penguins and well… EVERYTHING! I shall be watching at again and again until I know the words, dance moves, and songs of by heart and start walking around like a penguin! Baby Penguins are so freekin cute, I wanna go to the Toy Store and get a teenie teddy Mumbles now hahaha! I also loved the following quotes:

Latin Penguins: You know, chica chica, boom boom.
Mumble: You are not interested in chicas?
Latin Penguins: You kidding? Without us the chicas got no boom

Leopard Seal: Come here, sausage. I take you with ketchup!
Ramón: Yeah, but first you gotta catch up!

Raul: I don’t think they are penguin eaters, are they?
Ramón: I believe they are herbivores.
Raul: Uh?
Ramón: You know, kelp suckers!

Ramón: Kiss my frozen tushy! Kiss it, kiss it!

Memphis: You bet you will. The word triumph starts with “try” and ends with…?
Young Mumble: umph?
Memphis: That’s right, a big ol’ UMPH!

Ramón: We’ve got personality with a capital Y. Why? Because we’re HOT!

Raul: What you huggin me for?
Ramón: He told me to.
Raul: Get away.
Ramón: Naaw, you like it!

I advise everyone to go see it at the movies or download the torrent (whether you’re young or old!), you’ll have a great time!

[rating: 4.5/5]


  1. LMAO You summed up the movie pretty nicely with my favorite quotes as well LOL! Hehehehehe it’s seriously hilarious but you forgot this one!

    [after mumble has jumped off the cliff]
    Ramón: What are we going to tell his mama? That he came all the way out here to kill himself?

  2. My mom adores this kind of thing, and she keeps asking when it’ll hit theaters. She keeps cooing at the penguins everytime she sees the trailer. I know someone who thinks animated movies are funnier than live action comedies. It seems interesting enough, especially since Fox have declared it Unpatriotic and Gay, or something like that. Sometimes you just have to laugh.

  3. yeah those are good but these were better…
    “i got it, i got it, i don’t, i had it”
    “bow down, bow down, you the man, you the man”

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