For the past hour I have been running to the bathroom vomiting, throwing water on my face, having diarrhoea *you didn’t need to know that* and shaking non-stop!

One minute I was fine, the next my stomach took sharp pains so I went to the bathroom, and I was stuck there for 30 mins. I felt like I was gonna pass out, so I got a small hand towel, wet it and put it on my head to cool me down. My stomach went in and out of sharp pain, I walked back to the living room and before I made it, I ran back and just made it to the toilet before I started vomiting really heavily and coughing at the same time. The vomit had blood traces in it, hence the red colored looking vomit *you didn’t need to know that either* and then suddenly I started shaking and still am (it’s died down a bit tho)

I did feel alot better after vomiting consequtively for 20 mins, but I still don’t feel so great. I’m lying in bed now with the hand towel still on my head, wrapped up with a hot water bottle and a bucket next to me incase I vomit during the night, watching ‘Ugly Betty’ to try cheer me up.

I just wanna know what caused it! I ate Toast with Cheese and Salad for Dinner, and Lunch I had Burger King Chicken Royale Meal. But if it was my lunch (which I took early at 11:30am) I would have became sick earlier (wouldn’t I?) and you cant get sick from eating Brown Bread and cheese slices and lettuce leaves (can you?)

My breath now stinks of vomit, I’ve brushed my teeth & tongue… but then I vomited again… so I re-did it, drank some water, chewed some gum, vomited again… and repeated the process around 5 times and I can still taste it and I feel sick at the thought of being able to taste my own vomit. I probably stink of it as well!

Ugh I’m dizzy too…

Note to everyone: Don’t come near me or I might have a vomiting attack 🙁


  1. Sometimes your body as you grow older starts rejecting certain foods. I used to drink milk normally and eat cheese in large quantities.. (I Love cheese).. but then it started hurting my stomach and yes.. it causes bad diahreah.. but the vomiting.. I think maybe you ate something bad or oily.. usually oily food or something of that nature really causes bad stomach aches.. but think about it.. at least whatever your stomach did not like is out of your system.. it could not handle it and it is better that way in the end.. your body whenever it doesn’t like something.. it sure hell tries to get rid of it! Also the blood traces are from the food going back up your esophogus.. (I can’t spell it.. lol) .. and it might be scratching it.. that is why u find traces of blood.. same as if you had a bad strep throat.. it is just your throat being scratched..

    anyways.. I hope you get better soon.. drink some water! Your body lost a lot of it in the past hour of you suffering in the bathroom.. also if you still feel queezy then just don’t eat anything heavy tomorrow.. eat stuff that are easily digested.. I suggest only have some soup tomorrow and some bread to accompany it..

    smile!! it could have been worse!!

  2. You poor thing!!

    I really wish you the fastest recovery. It might be food poisoning or something, either way, if things get worse then you might have to get a shot. In the mean time, ask Nano to get you some antibiotics.

  3. Salamtek Nani!! Omg, eh dah? 20 consecutive minutes?!!! It might’ve been the BK Nani and listen, I’m seriously worried, you better go to the doctor, I’m serious! Maybe you’ve got a stomach flu.

    Nani, promise me that u’ll go to the doctor, please!

  4. it could have been a viral infection. I recently read that there is some world wide E-coli virus spreading through vegetables, that could be it. either way, u shud go see a doctor asap. hope u feel better babe.

  5. hope u feel better mischa..
    marzouq, i replied to ur christmas thingie- do not mean to annoyingly lecture, i can’t help it.

  6. Salaamat girl! I hope you feel better soon!

    This is really weird, and Im not sure if this is because of your past history or its because of something you ate.

  7. Thanks everyone. I feel okay now, but still not 100% right 🙁

    I have a doctor’s appointment in 15 minutes so I better run

    Nano already is forcing me to go

  8. yah probably, maybe they didnt cook the chicken properly OR it was off… even though it was tasty at the time 😛

  9. damn girl! but you vomited blood.. thats pretty intense! Well I hope you feel better! I know how that feels!

  10. yah it was… I needed someone to hold my hair and hug me to make me feel better… sadly I was all alone at 1am and had to suffer alone, but I did manage to sms the twirls to tell them I just vomited coz I know they love me & worry!

  11. I’m sorry I’m late too babes :* But then again you msged me last night and you heard me tell you I hope you feel better now :* Slut I don’t want you getting sick you better get well soon! And as for the food poisoning thing sadly enough it happens at the rarest occurances, you just reminded me of something I’ll tell you in a sec :*

    But I love you and I hope you feel better now :***

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