Toxy posted about Leona Lewis from the UK Show ‘X Factor’ which is a better version of the US American Idol which Simon Cowell also owns. I’ve been meaning to post about her for a while, but other things came out.

This 21 year old from London puts shivers down my spine, her voice is AMAZING, she hits all the high notes Mariah & Whitney can do, she’s extremely beautiful and down to earth!

Here is a collection of all her performance’s on the show, which are breathtaking! I really want her to win the competition final on Saturday! I will be voting for her!

Week 1- I’ll be there

Week 2- The First cut is the deepest

Week 3- Summertime <-- my favourite by far!

Week 4- Chiquitita

Week 5- Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word

Week 6- Bridge over troubled water

Week 7(a)- Lady Marmalade

Week 7(b)- I will always love you <-- I :heart: it!

Week 8(a)- Without you

Week 8(b)- Could it be magic

Week 9(a)- I have nothing <--- puts chills down my spine

Week 9(b)- Somewhere over the rainbow

Isn’t she amazing?! I hope she wins!


  1. Well, nice meeting you (although your blog was one of the first blogs I came across way back on March 2006). I still remember the first design, I think it showed a curly, brownish girl sitting on…books…I guess….or something like that LOL 😀

  2. Just make sure you don’t post a huge blurb on your blog revealing the winner until next week!

    I have to wait till sunday before I can download it!!

    Or maybe I wont visit until I have watched the final!!!??? Hmmmm….

  3. hahahaha ok I wont 😛 But then again, I’m too impatient and I will! Just dont come to my blog til you download it hehehehe

  4. Hallo. I just spent the past hour or so on this post. SHE IS AMAZING. I’d vote for her for sure. I hope she wins. One problem though, starting 8b I don’t have audio, not sure if its just me.

  5. I gave her a standing novation! Thats the least I could do since I cant vote for her!

    She is freaking amazing! Your right meshooo (for once I agree with you) she sends chills down my spine!

  6. totally! If she doesnt win I’m going to boycott the show and send death threats to the Judges hehehe

    Both of them in the Final (Ray & Leona) are mentored by Simon, the other judges acts got kicked out. Sharon had the over 25’s and Louis had the groups.

    But yah, I’ll keep you all updated with who won and videos on Sat

  7. Anny, it aint the judges faults if she doesn’t win. They’ve done their best!

    It’s the idiot voters. I mean come on, Ray in the final over Ben? Gimme a break. It’s only cause he cried that he made it there. He got the sympathy vote. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a good entertainer, his best performance was ‘my way’ – but other than that – he’s been average at best!

  8. yes she won she is such a great singer with so much potential and she looks so dam fine.

    Leona is the Most Magical Singer and outstable Perfromance for a young girl ever seen before.
    she has the potential to go any where in life she so polite and very kind hearetd.
    Leona-lewis i’m a fan for ever with here she is may of been on xfactor but she is the going to been shortly the pop-star
    ray should of been on the final he sings like his speaking but leona sings with pride leona love you to bits if your reading this I knew you was going to win x

  10. Leona we are from Stratford and we absolutely adore you!

    We were jumping around the front room when you won. It is about time the talent won a talent show.

    You deserve all the plaudits. Stay focased never be big headed because fans are fickle and can desert you.

    I hope you put some of the demos on your album.

    I wish you all the luck in the world and more.

    We Love ya darlin’

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  12. WOW!!!!

    and thank you for the videos…no matter how many people try to convince you how good she is, it won’t be like the videos.

    i think its the first time i see Simon applaude anyone after their performance. (check the I will always love you video).

  13. totally! I just downloaded her single she will be releasing

    I’ll add it on the blog for others to download too

  14. Quote:
    X-Factor winner Leona Lewis has also won the approval of international diva Whitney Houston. Leona covered several of Whitney’s songs during the X-Factor contest including her worldwide hit “I Will Always Love Youâ€?, and Whitney is reportedly interested in mentoring the 21 year-old starlet.

    Simon Cowell has also revealed that US music mogul Clive Davis is keen to break Leona in America.

    Leona’s debut single “A Moment Like Thisâ€? went on sale at the beginning of this week, and is being widely tipped for the coveted Christmas Number One slot.


    Just spreading the word

  15. As a uk resident and regular voter on the show, i suddenly find im rooted to my computer and watching her performences on youtube over and over, I’m 43 now and feel almost the same when I first discovered the likes of Glady’s Patti Diana way back in the early 70s, My fave song was Sorry seems to be the hardest word, Although she nails most of the others “Sorry” made the hairs on my neck and back stand on end, and to me when I voice can do that its the mark of a true vocal talent. I wanna that all you people sateside for your kind words about her, as and I know this sounds a bit cheesy, but I fwwl shes like my new discovery and I know im taking this all a bit personal but I cannot wait to see whats NEXT………….

  16. Thx for commenting here Russ 🙂 And I’ve been listening to all her videos as well! I was watching ITV2 this evening and her “WINNERS STORY”, I feel so proud for her seriously!

    One thing though, we ain’t stateside lol I’m in the UK… while most of the people messaging within the blog are from the Middle East. So hey she’s even got fans in the Gulf!

  17. oh sorry…. thats me getting all confused….just a quick question why didnt you post the youtube vid with take that. i just think if she can duet like that at such short notice like she did it deserves an airing….Russ

  18. Just seen this blog and wanted to comment back to Russ. Although I too love “Sorry” as it sent shivers down my spine, the real complete performance for me is “Somewhere over the Rainbow”. I still try to watch it nearly every day.

    When you realise its the Eva Cassidy version, which was only discovered after she had died of bone cancer, that Leona sung it at her cousins funeral who had also died of cancer and that she was singing it as a dedication to this cousin because she had the opportunity on the x-factor you realise the emotional significance.

    You can also see Leona’s journey on the videos. The great voice is there from the beginning, but she learns new aspects of how to use it at each performance But then when you listen carefully the quality of tone and the pitch control in the quiet parts of this song are taken to a new level.

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  21. I think Leona is lovely and has a beautiful voice…she reminds me of Mariah Carey a bit.

    Nothing like Whitney, though. Totally different kind of singer.

    My guess is that Leona will be quite successful in the US.

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