I recently read an Article about Reputation and it really got me thinking… everything said within it was 100% true. Here are some excerpts…..

    A reputation is a precious thing. It is a measure of who you are and what people can expect of you. Nearly 2,500 years ago King Solomon said, “A good name is better than riches.” Clearly a good reputation was valuable even then.

    Your reputation is linked to your character—the kind of person you are when no one else is around. Whether your reputation is lost or stolen, it cannot be easily retrieved. People are not inclined to give second chances or fresh or different second opinions.

    I’ve discovered over a period of time that it’s not always the big things that make the difference, it’s often the little things that sully a reputation. You see, your reputation can be lost or stolen not just by the big things, but by the little things as well. However, one cannot live in fear of every mistake being the end of a relationship. To the contrary, a solid reputation in the will create an atmosphere of trust and, when appropriate, forgiveness.

    To develop a reputation for honesty, integrity and fairness, I encourage you to practice these principles in your practice:

    1: Align yourself with trustworthy people
    2: Have a code of ethics
    3: Know your purpose
    4: Practice self-discipline versus self-indulgence

      * Self-indulgence says, “Think about how you feel, then take action or no action and worry about the consequences later.”

      * Self-discipline says, “Think about the consequences and then decide which action is appropriate and, having taken the appropriate action, you feel great afterwards.”

    5: Focus on thankfulness versus entitlement

    A reputation is a fragile thing. It must be protected at all costs by realizing that as the ancient writings tell us, “As a person thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

    Examine your heart and determine your motives to ensure that you are building your reputation as an honest, ethical individual with whom people will want to be around. Guard your reputation zealously and be constantly on the lookout for the myriad of opportunities to enhance your reputation by focusing on other people versus yourself.

    [Source] with some small edits by me

I do agree that a reputation is extremely valued, especially in the Arab & Muslim world… but for me, I feel that the way I act around people, treat others and respect everyone is a darn sight better than worrying about if someone spreads a false rumour about me which would result in a nasty reputation. I know that those people in my close knit world know the real me, would never believe any of the crap that is spread and would never change their thoughts about me, even if we did fall out at any time.

I will leave you with a quote I first heard when I was 17 and it stuck with me ever since & have followed it word by word

    Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are ~ John Wooden

Anyway, what do you think? Do you think your reputation is more important than how you act around others? or do you think your reputation is more important and damn the others?


  1. I think that its a tie between the two, because in one hand your reputation is what others hear about you first, and on the other hand once they meet with you then they get to see how you truly are. Our societies are sort of shallow in which they judge books by their covers. I mean how many foreigners out there don’t associate gulf people with oil and being rich and desert life? Apart from what a person is and stuff you know..

    I might not be making sense but oh well!

  2. I think a person’s reputation gets developed because of the way he/she acts around people.. So they coincide together. So yah.. I think if a person thinks too much of what others perceive him/her to be then it would be a dramatic life.

    I just say.. Screw people
    Screw reputation..
    and just live life! 😀

    If we act dumb and crazy sometimes then it is all good! 😛

  3. Very good post Nani!! Does make one reflect.

    And yes, reputation is important – “al toyour 3ala ashkaleha taqa3” – ask Juju to translate, i dunno what it is in English :p

  4. Exactly correct. A man can work his entire life ripping people off and be a millionaire or billionaire but when he passes away, his wealth is inherited and he is no more, his name will be forgotten in a week. But a person who has given value to his name, will live on and those that inherit his/her name will be proud to hold it. Reputation is hard to build and keep but is priceless….. wealth is also hard to build and keep but is temporary.

    Nani, u got a good rep 😉

  5. To translate Sou’s “al toyour 3ala ashkaleha taqa3″, it means “Birds of a Feather Flock Together”.

    I am sure all bloggers have an excelent rep, and if they did not you can read it in their blog posts.

  6. thx for translating Veto

    Radiant Guy, nice to see u on my blog, I totally love ur photos in flickr 😀

    Fonzy, I didnt use too when I was younger as I hung with the wrong girls heheehe

  7. We have a saying in Greece which i can’t exactly translate but it’s like this “Many hated money but no-one hated reputation”

    but actually the word we use isn’t reputation, it’s fame.

    so what i want to say is that we give great importance to how people want to know and remember us through our acts and that is more important.

    Some are hypocrites, acting like they are someone else, others are true and gain reputation and fame by their pure acts.

    I guess it’s somewhere in the middle.
    no one can blame you (or me or everyone) for trying to get a good reputation.
    I know i do. I want people to know about me. I’m not deceiving anyone, i’m friendly and open hearted and true.
    I’m too naive to be an evil, hypocrite person 😛

  8. everyone does mistakes. the smart person is who learns from them and gets back on his feet and becomes a stronger person, and u r a strong person.

  9. Well Nani…I don’t care what others say about me…as long as my friends and family know well who am I …I don’t give a shit…it’s my character that counts!

  10. good post anny.

    It’s true, a reputation can take a lifetime to build and a few seconds to destroy. It’s very important to keep to keep your integrity at all times.

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