I slept at 3am last night after working on my projects all day long…. I woke up at 10am with a massive migrane so I decided to sleep again for an hour. I woke up again at 11:30am and my head felt like I was getting hit with a hammer. It is now 5:30ish and my head is still killing me… so I have a new best friend

Yesh Drugs are helping me… Ibuprofen that is! Panadol are crap and don’t work for me…

So yah… I’m still working on my projects, still got a massive migrane on the left side of my head, I’m freezing here & I’m not gonna have an early night!

I need a hug *cries*


  1. Ana i’ve been 4 days sick of flu and didn’t take a sick leave coz i have projects to finish….but khallas thats enough for me…i’m so tireddddd…

  2. Awww babes! Why didn’t you tell me you needed a hug I’ve been passing them out like sugar today ;8

    And I miss you hoe ;***

  3. Damn girl…. you got a lot on your hands! You taking a shitload of courses one go! It really all piled up.. the thing is I know your constantly working on shit..

    yala christmas is around the corner!

    here is hoping you ace them all!

  4. awwwww.. get well soon *hugs u tight*
    I take Ibuprofen when my tummy aches.. panadol dont work for me too.

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