See what I have to put up with? I’m trying to do my MSc projects when all I get is snoring from my grandfather AND dog! I’m sitting in the living room as I’m bored in my bedroom but I’m beginning to regret it hahaha

But yah they do kinda look cute hahaha but I have 3 projects to work on:

01. The History of Computing from 1936 *boring!*
02. Enterprise Architecture Development
03. Ethical & Organisational Challenges to consider if charged with managing Internet access in an organisation.

Somehow, I’m beginning to regret my decision to do my masters *cries* and I’m counting down til Xmas break… 10 days left til I have a 1 month vacation!


  1. They look pretty cool together! Ya7lailhum!

    The dog is just passseeedddd out! He is used to it at your Grandparents house by now! He doesnt know anyone else!

  2. They’re cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! LOL! I swear its just cute that they are asleep together! Hehehehe 😛 But good luck with your projects seriously!

  3. they both woke up 5 mins after taking the photo hehehehe and my grandpa wasn’t even aware he fell asleep! Then the dog came and licked my hand, probably wanting me to play with him

  4. looooooool cant believe u filmed them and posted it!! poor u having to deal with all that snoring… think of it as a symphony to help u relax;)

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