December 2006


Former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein was hanged in Iraq before dawn Saturday for crimes he committed during his reign. Al-Iraqiya state television aired videotape of Hussein’s final moments several hours after his death. Video of what appears to be Hussein’s body aired later in the day.

Hussein’s hanging was timed to happen just before sunrise in Baghdad, when the holiday period of Eid Al-Adha would begin, said Mowaffak al-Rubaie, Iraq’s national security adviser. At about 5:30 a.m., coalition forces brought Saddam Hussein to the execution site and turned him over to Iraqi officials. No coalition personnel were present after custody of Hussein was transferred to the Iraqis.

Hussein was taken into a room with a judge, doctor and other officials. He was handcuffed and holding a copy of the Quran. The judge read Hussein the sentence. Hussein was taken next door to the execution chamber. A heated argument with the Shiite Iraqi security officers took place after one of the executioners told Hussein that he had destroyed Iraq, according to Judge Munir Haddad, a witness to the execution. Hussein praised the mujahedeen and jihadists, and cursed Persians and the Western world. He refused to wear a head covering.

As the noose was tightened around Hussein’s neck, one of the executioners yelled, “long live Muqtada al-Sadr”. Hussein mockingly uttered one last phrase before he died: “Muqtada al-Sadr”. An executioner read from the Quran and then carried out the hanging. Hussein died “very, very quickly” just after 6 a.m. Hussein’s body was left hanging for about 10 minutes before a doctor confirmed his death. He was then untied and placed in a body bag.

I decided to check my site stats to see how people actually find my site on the net… to my surprise here are the Top 10 keywords

    1 naked men
    2 lebanese flag
    3 leona lewis
    4 falling man
    5 the falling man
    6 allah
    7 big butts
    8 fernando alonso
    9 men naked
    10 big
    + Now, when have I posted naked men? I haven’t seen any :hehe: damn it!!!
    + I do have a thing for Fernando Alonso so that’s ok
    + Big butts? What does my ass have to do with things?
    + The falling man was a post I talked about 9/11 and a photograph of ‘The Falling Man’, Aussie Vogue linked me in their website and I’ve seen numerous other sites link to my website on my post
    + Leona Lewis, sure… I’ve talked about her tons of times
    + Allah? Hmm… no comment
    + Lebanese Flag? That baffles me!

I dragged my brother to IKEA today so that I could look at sofa bed’s and some book shelves for my new apartment. I found at least 10 things I want, so I wrote them down and called mom to tell her

Anyway, my brother was in a totally bad mood so to cheer him up, I told him I’d buy him a hotdog and at 50p each, how could I refuse!

I got 2 large hot dogs and cokes for £2.00 which is like 😯

The hotdog was moist, the bread was soft and fluffy as I like it… however the more I chewed, the more harder it became to eat. Not because it wasn’t delicious (I loved it!) but the outer skin of the hotdog was a teenie bit hard (I’m not sure what it’s called) and then as I was biting my gum started bleeding lol

For the price it was amazing, I will have another one again next time I go, next week :woot:, I’ll just be picky about which one I choose 😛

[rating 3.5/5]

Christmas 2006 is officially over 😥 I’ve had my turkey rations for the year… I pigged out beyond belief and I got tons of gifts and am still expecting some more from my parents :hehe: I got 3 camera lenses and filters from my daddy along with a new external hard drive that I wanted, a printer from juju, money from my grandfather, clothes and perfume from mama, chocolate from my mom’s youngest sister, and nothing from my brother 😡 I’m recieving Sou’s gift tomorrow from Amazon 😀

So I woke up at 11am, gave my grandfather his gifts and said Merry Christmas. My daddy then called and spoke for ages, the passed the phone to my mom who said the usual Christmas greetings. My mom’s sister in who lives in London then called to wish my grandfather a Merry Christmas, then my cousins called… and so on until the entire family called lol

After my grandfather unwrapped all his gifts, it was time for little Chewy to open his gifts since it was his 1st ever Christmas. Doggy Claus was good to him, he got a santa football, and 3 packets of different doggy chews to eat. He was one lucky puppy and spent the whole day playing with his new toy and munching on 6 of the chews! He was just as greedy as the rest of us :lmao:

My forum; Ananyah Cafe is 3 years old today! I’m so proud of it :rofl: we started small way back in 2003, then grew to over 500 members, alot became inactive and were deleted, and now we have 200+ members who are regular posters.

I never expected this project of mine to be sucessful, but I’m glad it has been & enshalla the forum will continue to grow!

We have members from all the gulf states, greece, uk, usa, canada, pakistan, austria… to name a few. If you’re interested to join, then click here to register

I just have to post this here, these are so damn funny :rofl:

1. Pen Island.

2. Who Represents?

3. Therapist Finder.

4. Experts Exchange.

5. Italian Power Generator[Power Gen. Italia]

6. Go [Lake] Tahoe

7. Mole Station Native Nursery.

8. IP Anywhere.

9. Speed of Art.

10. First Cumming Methodist Church.

Lewis’ debut single pre-sold 1,000,000 copies making it an almost certain number one before it’s even been released. I even bought her single because I think she’s amazing!

& yes I’m obsessed! Hence why I’ve created a Leona Lewis category within the blog!

I like the video, it shows her journey from the start to the finish and where she will end up! A global superstar!

Note: She won 60% of the 8million votes cast

Update: New video uploaded as previous was taken off you tube

This year for some reason, I’m in such a Christmas mood! I can’t wait til Xmas :dance: therefore, I’ve changed the header until New Year when a brand new look will be unvealed which will be different than what I’ve ever had before (keep a look out!)

This Xmas will be the first I have spent without my parents so I feel a little weird! My parents cannot make it over from Paris until after New Year so it will be just my grandfather, my brother & I for dinner on Xmas Day. Possibly my aunts will come over the night before or after Xmas Dinner to give gifts, chocolate and money.

Our family does not celebrate Xmas Eve, but rather on the day itself by exchanging gifts at around 10am, then getting really dressed up, then the girls are in the kitchen cooking while the guys drink beer and watch TV. Also, in my family, we exchange tons of chocolate, like big boxes of it and we munch some of it before the Dinner :hehe:

Xmas Dinner in my family is huge lol we stuff our faces which is fun! We eat around 3-4pm after being in the kitchen since the morning, and this year I will have to cook all this by myself

Smoked Salmon Salad (for everyone but me)
Homemade Veggie Soup
Shrimp Salad (for meeeee)

Main Course
Turkey (my dad likes having Ham too but I don’t, so I won’t cook it)
Roast Potatoes
Veggies (Carrots, Peas, Brussel Sprots)
Sage & Onion Stuffing
Tiny Sausages with Bacon wrapped around them

Dessert etc
Fruit Trifle with Ice Cream

Then the rest of the day is playing with gifts, watching movies on TV, and you eventually are too stuffed to move and fall asleep 😛

I had to choose the classes I will be taking in my last semester in my MSc before I start my Thesis in June. So I decided to choose:

    Information Strategy:
    To highlight the strategic importance of information and related technologies and to provide tools for developing a strategy for managing information, information systems and related technologies within the context of a business strategy.

    Business Systems Design:
    To provide participants with frameworks and tools for the effective design and development of business systems. To develop an awareness of the advantages, disadvantages, and applicability of individual development models, procedures, and tools.

    Business Intelligence
    This module aims to develop a critical awareness of the range of tools being marketed under the label “Decision Support” or more generally “Business Intelligence” (BI). The module builds on the student’s understanding of basic database and spreadsheet tools to illustrate how more complex data analysis and decision support can be facilitated by a range of BI tools. An overview of the core statistical approaches underpinning the subject is given to help students gain an appreciation of key benefits and limitations, which are all too often over-stated or lost by the prefix “intelligent” often used in the marketing literature for a range of BI products.

    Computer Mediated Communication
    To provide an understanding of computer-mediated communication in a variety of contexts and to give practical experience in using tools and techniques for computer-mediated communication. The module will be partly taught online, to emphasise the importance of problem-based learning so that the students will be continuously encouraged to put the knowledge provided during lecture time directly into practice.

    Information Policy & Law
    This module introduces students to the legal aspects of information management related to electronic information. Students will have: An appreciation of the major areas of legislation which have an impact on information systems and services, An understanding of the broader legal issues which developments in electronic information are bringing to the fore and will learn the Legal aspects of information policy, Electronic information and legislation, Data protection, Copyright and the protection of intellectual property, Health and safety: ergonomics and the Regulation of the Internet

    Web Design & Applications
    To provide an understanding of Web site design and the creation and delivery of Webbased applications. To give practical experience of building Web pages, sites and applications using a variety of tools. To introduce possible future developments in Web technologies. To set Web applications in the context of document design and electronic publishing. The module emphasises the importance of problem-based learning so that students will be continuously encouraged to use the knowledge provided during lecture time directly into practical exercises.

So yah… when I go back in Jan, I will have a tough time! But those classes interest me so I should *enshalla* be okay!