I have a project due at 12 tomorrow… it’s 1:20am and I haven’t done anything yet…. I’ve been looking at it since 1pm this afternoon and my head is blank… I’m like a spaced out zombie!

Anyhooo I’ve to write a 2500 word paper on Automatic Indexing

I’m supposed to:
• Concisely summarise the key features of automatic indexing and retrieval;
• Researching how automatic indexing has been used till now with particular emphasis on the open problems;
• Identifying and evaluating the potential solutions to the problem;
• Summarise, in terms suitable for a scientific audience, the key features of modern automatic indexing and
retrieval and to evaluate their benefits and/or disadvantages. You are then asked to discuss possible solutions in terms of on-going research.

Worst thing is, this assignment is worth 50% of my grade for this class & I cannot stand it *cries*

Somehow I don’t think I’ll be sleeping tonight! I have 145 words and counting…..

Say with me now: C-R-A-P!!!!!

Update @ 12:56pm UK: My teacher just gave me an extension til Monday at 12 without penalty :dance: I can breathe a little! I emailed her at 11am asking for one and she said no problemo!


  1. Google baby!! It has all the answers.. I know the feeling.. Try writing an entire report for 6 ppl editing and writing their own thoughts and rambling on and on.. aaaaah.. it sucks.. good luck.. 2500 is not bad.. if you got everything you need that will take about 6 hours! 😛

  2. Your a complete Failure

    Best solution, do not rush the project but delay it instead. Go to your GP and ask for a medical certificate and use it as an excuse.

    Problem solved

  3. just go to 20 different sites talking about the topic and copy paste random paragraphs, change some wordings, and voila 🙂

  4. fonzy,if that is how you got degree by copying other people’s work and citing it as yours .Then i would never ever hire you .Apart from that, it is known as academic dishonesty and professors can easily catch you out. Give her a constructive advice.

  5. aleeh, u dont know me. What kind of advice would u give someone who has a 2500 paper to write in only a few hours?? Its obvious she has not time for research! What shud i say? Next time, start early? DUH! That is obvious. She doesnt want a moral lesson on educational preparation nor research procedure, she needs a solution for an instant problems and not “you shud do this crap”. FYI, I used to work as a freelance researcher for some of the top institutions in Lebanon and not once was I accused of plagiarism, cos I never did it.

    Instead of critcizing me, why dont u actually follow the commenting rules and comment about the post by giving this contructive advice u r talking about. Lets see what u can come up with.


  6. one more thing aleeh, i know exactly what professors look at and how they can catch and identify plagiarism. I also worked as an assistant to our Civilization Sequence professor back in uni and was assigned to grade term papers. Plagiarism can be a talent that when mastered nobody can catch u.

  7. its a shame to see you give her advice to plagarise when she can cite her work.I wonder what would happen to the institution where u worked at and i doubt the credibility of your past and current employer for hiring an individual who incites plagarism to others.

  8. The institutions i worked at and those I prepared research papers for were some of the top in the country and till today contact me asking if i could help but I cant since the institution im working at now got me flooded with research work to do. Both my employers, past and present, are highly credible and my work comes highly recommended to and from them. So before u go around insulting people, get ur facts straight

    What do u want her to do? Cite the entire project?? She might as well plagiarise. she can get away with a few sentences or paragraphs…. then what?? u forget, time is against her.

    What are u? Some highly perfectly ethical follow the rules kind of person. No offense, but people like u will get nowhere in life. All u will do is sit behind a desk for the rest of ur life and get nowhere. By plagiarism, u r hurting no one, u r simply getting where u want faster. That does not mean people should over do it, only resort to it when they are in a tight spot as ananyah is. Knowing the rules does not make u a better person, knowing how to play the rules and still look good will only help u advance with no consequences.

  9. I don’t have to be somewhere in life by being dishonest and deceiving others. I was giving her my perspective because that happens to be American and british way. I guess you are not familiar with the format.These professors are darn good at finding if u have plaigarised something .So you think you can fool them is a mistake.

  10. loooooooool the american and british way?!?!?! LOL now that is a good one! does that mean the non-american and non-british ways are dishonest?? I dont know about u, but last thing i would want is someone who relates race and nationality to any topic working with me or anywhere around me. FYI, when writing research (take notes cos apparently u need to) is never EVER to include race in a topic.

    Look around u, u cant get anywhere in life by being nice and following the rules all the time. Those that follow the rules are simply afraid of facing life and its obstacles and would rather play it safe ending up standing still and see life pass them by. The smart ones are those who seize every opportunity they got in front of them and make the best out of it, some do it by harming others which i am against, others do it by bending the rules which I am 100% for. If u steal from someone, that is called being dishonest, but if u get to where u want by ignoring some rules and acheiving ur goal, no harm done……

    I know i can fool any professor, and getting away with it is a skill!

    PS: u never gave ur perspective, u were criticizing the whole time.
    Read before writing

  11. ok guys calm down no need to argue 😀

    Fonzy, I agree with what you are saying, and well aleeh, in somethings you have a point but it’s certainly not plagarism.

    Basically, we are allowed to read other peoples work, and re-word it as long as we cite it. If we use direect sentances, we must quote it and give the page number etc.. thus making it research not plagarism, like Fonzy said.

    At my uni, they have a plagarism scanner which searches thru the net and academic journals to look for what has been “stolen” and I would never steal exact sentences without rewording them in my own words plus expanding on them in my own words, and still referencing the owner of it.

    No need for you guys to argue.. but I think aleeh u were a little hasty in ur reply. He wasn’t saying copy and paste and thats it, he said reword it and make it your own which is what EVERYONE does in the academic world. We read others work, base our paper’s on that plus expand on it.

    But yah… its not just the american and british way… its the worldwide way… if you copy someone’s work word for word in any place, you will get caught out!

  12. hahahaha.. you got an extension! Good stuff! You have a nice teacher! I could fill in 250 words with “the” “a” “and” “but” “therefore” sprinkled all over the place! hehehe!

    Paraphrasing isnt a problem what so ever most the things you do write is probably what somebody else has written! SO NOTHING IS ORIGINAL! hehehehe..

  13. true is that marzouq! Plus I make a sentance which should be short really long to get more works hehehehe

  14. You can do it Mischa, like you did last time remember? don’t copy things of the internet- thats crazy :/ you will most def get caught, i know they r extra strict about this in British unis. anyway, Good Luck 🙂

  15. ananyah… u do what u have to do to get things done and if anyone, i mean ANYONE, gives u shit or decides to update u on moral lessons, tell them to shove em up their ass. thats me!

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