Another Ananyah Production has been made… yes I’ve pimped out Fonzy’s & he now has a funky new domain and a cool template made by little old me :dance:

He loves music and dj’ing… hence the funky coloured header plus I made it seem more like a club with changing light colors 😛

So go check out my work hereeeee

& compare it to how his blogspot used to look like *cough no comment*


  1. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL leave my old blog out of this!! 😀 it was my work and I worked hard on it 😛

    But seriously u did an amazingly great job and u deserve a pat on the back!:)

  2. Boo! Remember me? 😉

    You been pimping out other ppl’s blogs & MINE is still pending eh? 😛

    You suck.

    I got hitched.

  3. u deserve to be carried on my shoulders and scream yip yip hooray 🙂 cant thank u enuff 😀 but there is more to come 😛 dont hate me yet, wait till we are done 🙂

  4. Damn Anny….that is one hot site Fonz has got there….And I love your new theme too. That snow falling on the side with 2 cartoon kids is amazing….

    Hmmm…..maybe it’s time to give Toxy’s Den a facelift….

    *scratches head*

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