I was out with my mom in Ikea today looking at some things that I could do to my apartment (I move in on December 20th!). Anyway, we were walking past all the plants and I say:

Me: Mom, I’m not having any plants in the apartment
Mom: Why
Me: Cause I’d kill them!
Mom: Well you have to take after me somehow!

Hahahhaa my mom is cool (sometimes!), she always kills plants hence her statement 😛


  1. yah I know, I just looked at her and burst out laughing! Then she bought me a BK and we ate in her car dancing to random songs 😛

  2. hahaha..

    get bamboo plants! they are fantastic! They never really die, just keep them in water and they never drown! I have killed plants by putting too much water in them!

  3. zouk, saying that… we saw some bamboo sticks in funky designs but I didn’t like them… I much prefer flowers 😀

  4. my dad is gonna pimp my place out already mwahahhaa he’s getting a plasma screen built into the wall and some kick ass furniture from Paris woohooooo

    I get the keys on Dec 20th, but wont start getting all the furniture etc until beginning of Jan.

    My dad wants me to move in with just a bed and a TV lol then starting pimpin it

  5. just make sure u use a lot of sunlight and the proper fertilizer, those are very sensitive plants 😀

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