I finally got the letter I’ve been waiting for, my appointment to see a consultant for my condition… however, I have to wait 19 weeks to see him! Yes you read me right… my appointment is in May 2007 sometime!

They will write to me again in 6 weeks to give me the actual date of my appointment! Seriously I can’t believe it will take so long!

Hospital Consultant


  1. At least they wrote to you but it’s okay…this means that it might not be as serious as you thought and will be fixable hehe :r

    Anyways Luff you!

  2. nah it means they are flickin lazy and can’t be bothered about me! Hell if I paid $3000, they would see me tomorrow, but I’ve waited 4 years, what’s another 19 weeks!

  3. Holy crap! Thats rediculous! Isnt there anyone who can see you? What kind of specialist is he? There has to be another doctor who is the same type of sepcialist, there are really good doctors in Germany if you want! Seriously thats just too long, and your issue is serious!

  4. although it sux u have to wait that long to see the doctor, its good ur finally gonna get urself checked. its a must u feel better asap. best health to u babe

  5. speakking of which, in the states, my mom just got an apointment to see an osteoporosis doctor in JUNE!!! after 7 months!! its ridiculous

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