Below was a phone conversation that took place at 11pm this evening

Brother: *ring ring*
Me: Hallaw
Brother: Hey, is grandpa awake?
Me: Erm yah
Brother: Okay, just say yes or no to this question
Me: Uh Huh
Brother: Do you have money?
Me: Why?
Brother: I want some pepsi
Me: It’s 11pm!
Brother: So! I’m thirsty
Me: Don’t you have any?
Brother: No, dad is giving me some on Sunday. So do you?
Me: Wait lemme check
*I run to my bedroom and check my wallet and find 5 pounds*
Me: Back, yah I have some
Brother: Okay I’m coming over. Bye

My grandfather was wondering who I was talking too and I say my brother A is coming over for a CD for a project, because if I say my cheap ass brother who spends his money on beer, porn, takeaway and his girlfriends wants some more money for a bottle of pepsi at 11pm in the evening, he will probably have a heart attack.

So I hide the money in my bra (it comes in handy!) and my brother arrived 20 mins later (yah he lives 20 minutes away and was coming all this way just to get pepsi money!) and I say, the CD is in my bedroom. I then put my hand down my bra and take the money out while my brother was like “put your boobs away” and I give him a blank CD so it actually looks like he came over for a CD and not my money!

Then he said Bye and flew out the door, probably to the supermarket to buy some pepsi and a porn magazine.

So beeble, that’s my brother for you…. he is VERY weird! If he was thirsty, why not drink tap water?




    LOOOOOL!!! I can’t stop laughing!!!


  2. hahahha I never put my boobs away! They always hang out or pop out or knock someone over! I headbutted myself once with my boobs! It hurt like hell! I swear I had a concusion!



    SHUT UP!!!! LOOL!

    I can’t stop laughing!!! I’m going to wake the whole house up!! LOOOL!

  4. I did! I have watermelons remember hahahah my mom always told me “Pamela Anderson paid for hers, but you got them naturally” so yah growing up was pretty embarrasing with both my mom and dad commenting on my boobs!

    Omg why has this post turned into a boob conversation?! My boobs weren’t the highlight 😛

    Sou, damn yewwwwww 😛

  5. LOOL!!

    Your parents commented on your boobs!! LOOL! This is just too much for me!! I can’t stop laughing!!!

  6. everyone comments on my boobs! my best friend wants me to donate some to her hehehe and I need to get a tshirt size bigger just for my boobs… seriously they are annoying things to have!

    If someone annoys me, I could always grab my boobs and whack them on the head mwahahahhaha


    “i could always grab my boobs and whack them on the head”


  8. hahhahaha im going to bed… Mr.Nano is out partying and I gotta wake up in a few hours for University so take care babe see you 2morrow ya khaysa 😛

  9. Okay you guys are rediculous! The conversation has just been about boobs! AND U R GIRLS!

    anyways.. I dont know exactly what his plan is, but your not always going to be around for him.. thats very strange! Doesnt make any sense really!

  10. well , i know its bad that ur elder brother asks from u money all the time, but his your brother family remember:).
    He needs some time to undrestand life.
    can i have some money:P

  11. uhm, does your brother by any chance know my brother? 😛
    lol, yeah they are exactly the same -especially the porn and many girlfriends part hehe

    oh.. yeah and the asking money part

  12. I thought he was younger than you, I kept forgetting the part that he was older. But oh well, thats family.

  13. I just love it when girls argue about who is gonna whack who with her boobs 🙂 and who will have a bigger impact! 🙂 dont stop… let the conversation go on:P As for ur brother, it sux that he contacts u only when he needs something. If he has been doing it for long, then i think u shud stop helping him out of such useless tight spots cos he got the habit of doing it apparently. And i dont wanna sound like an ass, but who would spend 20 mins on the road only to get money to buy a pepsi can? I dont think the money was for pepsi.

  14. zouk it was sou who started it 😛

    nano, I know he’s my brother but still 😐 im his baby sis

    morgy, tell me about it hahaha

    juju, i know 😛 u never listen to me 😛

    fonzy, im glad you enjoyed it hahaha and yah im thinking about stopping giving him money. I think he owes me like 800 pounds now and I will never see it. and yah I dont think it was for pepsi, probably for condoms and a porn movie haha

  15. Boys will be BOYS =P regardless.. they say age aint nuthin’ but a number !!

  16. UAE Doll…. sorry to burst ur bubble but u got boys then u got men:) not all like spend their last cent on porn and condoms;)

  17. Fonzy ur not brusting any1s bubble.. I never said they are all alike. 😉

  18. Shame on you for laying out your brother’s laundry for the whole wide world to see…..somethings are better unsaid!

    Pepsi? I dont think he was craving one……have him take a drug test, cuz quite frankly these are the symptoms of a drug addict!

    Again 3aib 3laich exposing your bros shit !!!!!

  19. It’s my blog, I can do and say what I want jashanmal & I posted this because it was funny!

    And I do know my brother, and I know he would never take drugs, 5 pounds couldnt even buy you an ounce of weed! And just because he asked me for 5 pounds at 11pm does not mean he’s a drug addict, however it MAY wherever you come from.

    And I frankly don’t care if you think it’s 3aib!

  20. jashanmal!!

    dude~!!! no one needs comments like urs…

    its her life.. w hee 7irah feeha!!

    inta wishlik!!

    ananyah ur blog rox and ur free to say wat eva u want 😀

  21. jashanmal.. well a lot has been said.. and she didnt say anything wrong or untrue about her bro.. he is a little off.. so what, and she is just sharing it with people who are a part of her life one way or another…

    take it easy..

  22. مرزوق على قولتك وانا شكو
    I guess I should adhere to the old saying diff strokes for diff folks

    بس انا مو باط جبدي إللا هالنوري معلم الشاورما ميز

  23. do people not know what a blog is aslan :s uf
    lol sucks that your bro is like that, anyways ananyah you never log in the forum

    we miss you

  24. Rikku… I knowwwwwww I hardly have time :'( I do check up on it from time to time but I swear soon I’ll be posting again 🙂 Nice to see you here!

    Thx everyone else: Zouk, Missy, Wings, Maze, UAEDOLL, Moey, Fonzy, Twirlies etc and anyone else I forgot

    *omg this is turning into an oscar’s speech!*

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