November 2006


I have a project due at 12 tomorrow… it’s 1:20am and I haven’t done anything yet…. I’ve been looking at it since 1pm this afternoon and my head is blank… I’m like a spaced out zombie!

Anyhooo I’ve to write a 2500 word paper on Automatic Indexing

I’m supposed to:
• Concisely summarise the key features of automatic indexing and retrieval;
• Researching how automatic indexing has been used till now with particular emphasis on the open problems;
• Identifying and evaluating the potential solutions to the problem;
• Summarise, in terms suitable for a scientific audience, the key features of modern automatic indexing and
retrieval and to evaluate their benefits and/or disadvantages. You are then asked to discuss possible solutions in terms of on-going research.

Worst thing is, this assignment is worth 50% of my grade for this class & I cannot stand it *cries*

Somehow I don’t think I’ll be sleeping tonight! I have 145 words and counting…..

Say with me now: C-R-A-P!!!!!

Update @ 12:56pm UK: My teacher just gave me an extension til Monday at 12 without penalty :dance: I can breathe a little! I emailed her at 11am asking for one and she said no problemo!

freck·le (العربيه)
A small brownish spot on the skin, often turning darker or increasing in number upon exposure to sun

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with my freckles, I’ve been a sun addict since I was a kid and that just makes them come out more *cries* I only have them on my face, arms, upper chest area.. oh and a triangle shape on my right leg… hell I even have a purple freckle on my right arm!

My mom used to have them when she was my age, but as she got older they faded away plus her skin is darker now so that’s probably why!

I was out with my mom in Ikea today looking at some things that I could do to my apartment (I move in on December 20th!). Anyway, we were walking past all the plants and I say:

Me: Mom, I’m not having any plants in the apartment
Mom: Why
Me: Cause I’d kill them!
Mom: Well you have to take after me somehow!

Hahahhaa my mom is cool (sometimes!), she always kills plants hence her statement 😛

I finally got the letter I’ve been waiting for, my appointment to see a consultant for my condition… however, I have to wait 19 weeks to see him! Yes you read me right… my appointment is in May 2007 sometime!

They will write to me again in 6 weeks to give me the actual date of my appointment! Seriously I can’t believe it will take so long!

Hospital Consultant

Im in the Emergency Dept at Hospital just now, my grandfather was just rushed here by ambulance 30 mins ago with chest pains and extreme dizzyness.

Im really scared!

My mom just left back to Paris this morning and she’s on her way back.

Please pray for him, I cant handle this on my own!

Update: His ECG showed an abdormality in his heart rate, they took blood tests and he has been on oxygen for the past hour. My mom and aunt just arrived to the hospital

Update: They are releasing him after tests showed he is okay. It was caused as his blood pressure dropped really low & his chest pains were tension pains. He seems okay now 7umdullah 🙂

Below was a phone conversation that took place at 11pm this evening

Brother: *ring ring*
Me: Hallaw
Brother: Hey, is grandpa awake?
Me: Erm yah
Brother: Okay, just say yes or no to this question
Me: Uh Huh
Brother: Do you have money?
Me: Why?
Brother: I want some pepsi
Me: It’s 11pm!
Brother: So! I’m thirsty
Me: Don’t you have any?
Brother: No, dad is giving me some on Sunday. So do you?
Me: Wait lemme check
*I run to my bedroom and check my wallet and find 5 pounds*
Me: Back, yah I have some
Brother: Okay I’m coming over. Bye

My grandfather was wondering who I was talking too and I say my brother A is coming over for a CD for a project, because if I say my cheap ass brother who spends his money on beer, porn, takeaway and his girlfriends wants some more money for a bottle of pepsi at 11pm in the evening, he will probably have a heart attack.

So I hide the money in my bra (it comes in handy!) and my brother arrived 20 mins later (yah he lives 20 minutes away and was coming all this way just to get pepsi money!) and I say, the CD is in my bedroom. I then put my hand down my bra and take the money out while my brother was like “put your boobs away” and I give him a blank CD so it actually looks like he came over for a CD and not my money!

Then he said Bye and flew out the door, probably to the supermarket to buy some pepsi and a porn magazine.

So beeble, that’s my brother for you…. he is VERY weird! If he was thirsty, why not drink tap water?

I just woke up from my afternoon nap after sleeping just 1 hour last night :'( I was working on my Wireless Networking paper until nearly 5am, then woke at 6am, got ready to go to University and left the house at 7:15am. I headed to Starbucks and got a triple non-fat latte (mega strong cause I needed it!!!) and went to the Uni computer labs to finish working on my project. I swear I was going to have a nervous breakdown, I was typing like a mad woman and finally finished my 3589 words 5 minutes before the deadline woohoooo :dance:

To make things even worse, if they couldn’t get any worse, I got my period! If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll know it normally comes every 5 months, but this time it was only 1 week late! Wohooooooo! Let’s have a period party (omg I just can’t believe I announced to the world I’m on my period!) Oh well…. I am too honest for my own good 😛

I swear that when you have your period, your sense of smell increases, but I actually felt like a pregnant woman, you know how they feel sick at the slightest thing and have cravings? I got on the bus to go home and I felt so ill, there was a woman who stank like onions and I felt like I was going to vomit, then another perfume stunk like seriously strong perfume, then I smelt chicken and I became dizzy like I wanted to faint *yumaaaaaaaaaaaaaa*

As I was walking from the bus stop, there was a strong smell of sewage, and I vomited right there and then! As a horse was passing me in the walk way (I live near horse stables) :'( but luckily for me, my brother was passing in his car and picked me up and dropped me at my grandfather’s house!

I walked in looking like a zombie, I couldn’t keep my head up, I collapsed on the sofa and my grandfather and brother laughed their heads off!

So what did I do? Yes I went to bed!

And Ta Daaaaaaaaaaa here I am, all woken up & my grandfather even cooked for me!

However I just heard bad news, my grandfather’s sister who was rushed to hospital a few weeks ago, has found out she has a tumor and it is likely it is cancer 🙁 She has a test on the 14th to see if she needs Chemo or not. Maskeena she is 79 years old. I’m in shock, she is so adorable and I always remember going to her place when I was a kid helping her bake cakes and now she has cancer!