Wohooo It’s Halloween today and I demand candy! Yes I do *stomps her feet*

I was supposed to go to a Fancy Dress party, but since I’m ill, have a project due tomorrow, and basically can’t move from my bed…. I’m stuck here dreaming of trick or treating. So who is gonna be nice to me and DHL me some candy?

A girl needs her weekly supply of candy y’know!

It WILL make me feel better… HONEST!

Candy I like:
+ Smarties
+ M&M’s
+ Maltesers
+ Jelly Babies
+ Gummy Bears
+ Hershey’s Cookies & Cream
+ Cadbury Dairy Milk (all types)
+ Nerds
+ Fizzy Cola Bottles
+ Fizzy Strawberry Straws

So, any takers? :dance:


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  2. not into the whole candy thing, stopped eating that stuff. but if it were up to me, i would juggle down a barrel of sweet tarts!! but it was crazy here during the garge’an thing. halloween here is boring. nobody got dressed up and no parties!

  3. Ok, the very minute that your blog page was completely load and my eyes saw that (ice-cream?) chocolate chicken I almost fainted.
    I’m still on a diet and I’m not allowed to eat any kind of these yummies..

    /me completely faints now…

  4. LOOL what a funny pumpkin, thats supposed to be scary lol !! u got a scared pumpkin there .. and that KFC ice cream ? :p

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