I knew something was wrong yesterday when I started getting an ear ache followed by a shiver down my neck, my nose started soon after, then the coughing….. the key symptons that I always get when I know my body is going to ache for over a week, my nose running like a waterfall, and not being able to eat.

Ladies & Gentlemen, I have got a cold…. my bones are hurting, I’m in a bad mood and taking it out on the wrong people, my ears hurt, I just want to curl up with a huge mug of tea (even though I’m a coffee girl), a hot water bottle, and a warm bed and sleep away my pain 🙁

I hate getting sick, but I have a low immune system and always pick up every little bug going around :'(

Oh well……


  1. Salamatttt!!

    Are those the honey lemon Stepsils?

    I remember taking a similar photo of all my meds last year too! Ouff, i hate how we have to take all these meds for a cold 🙁

  2. Get well soon…

    I was sick for two winters, so I got my tonsils removed, and so far so good. Last year by this time I was already a coldrex/strepsils/vitamin C addict…

  3. take tons of vitamin C. it always helps me. hope u feel better. i know how much the feeling sucks! i too tend to get whatever is flying around

  4. Salaamat girl! I hope you get better soon! that really really sucks!

    And it couldnt have any worse timing! U got a lot on your plate!

  5. Couldnt you ask some of the profs to delay the projects a bit ? Like two weeks or something! Cuz your in really bad shape!

  6. its been a long time ! salaaamat and hope u get better soon !! take it easy and take care of yourself 🙂

  7. hope you get well 🙂
    I just got the flu ; ; maybe I should start eating apples everyday

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