Today I had my 1st major MSc assignment, I was to give a 30 min talk all about Wireless Networking to my class and around 10 professors.

I was working on my presentation for around 2 weeks, so when today came, I was so nervous! 10 mins before it started, I couldn’t stop laughing! For some reason, I kept laughing and I had to leave the room to breathe and compose myself!

So it was time for me to stand up infront of 70 people, I gave a quick intro to what I’ll be talking about, a definition of WN, security, business benefits & future technologies. I didn’t finish too early or too late, so that was perfect!

However, as I was talking I felt myself get nervous! I’ve never given a presentation to this big a group, I could hear my accent changing into really strong American, then changing to an Arabic accent and started saying Broblem instead of Problem, then suddenly changing into a weird mix of American & British.

After my presentation, I felt sick, I was so nervous!!! My teacher came to me and said that I did a great job & my presentation was well researched and he cant wait for my report on the subject. Then all of a sudden he was like “Where on earth are you from? One minute I think your British, the next you seem American!” so yah I had to explain my life story and then he goes “Oh that’s why your messed up then!”

So yah… my Uni Professor who I’ve only met 4 times already thinks I’m messed up!

I have 15 projects due before Nov 16th, I’m busy non-stop and seriously have no time for myself! I haven’t been on MSN alot, I miss my Twirlies, I spend the night time with my mom, but with my laptop surgically attached to me while I do my projects, and there is no sign of me slowing down!

My doctor told me to rest, I’m on really strong medication now to control the pain I’m having until I get a letter from the hospital to see this PCOS specialist who will determine how big the cysts are, if they are “dangerous” or can easily be fixed with medication. Thanx to everyone who commented on my last post, I was freaked out when I found out about it, mainly because my doctor kept saying how I may not be able to have kids and then alarm bells rang in my head.

My mom is travelling back to Paris tomorrow, before flying back to the UK in around 2 weeks time to hunt for more apartments. (I’ve seen a few I love!)

Oohh & I finally went to Nando’s here :dance: I went with a guy in my class, and later on, my mom & brother met up with me, so I introduced them oo we all ate together. The guy in my class was also laughing at how my accent was changing between American and British hhehehehehe I’m a fucking weirdo!


  1. Hopefully they give you stronger pain medication and it doesnt just come up on you like the other times!

    Dont work yourself too hard girl! I would have killed to be in that class to see you present! hehehe! for some reason I just kept picturing a sin wave going up and down to the different accents!

    How interesting two people will be posting here! hmmm

  2. hey girl don’t worry about the cysts I had 2 of them and I got pregnent and now I have my beutiful adam he is 1 year and 6 months ..Im sure you will be fine just don’t stress your self you gona have kids and you will be pulling your hair from ther screaming and fighting …you will bw fine …all the best 🙂

  3. You should’ve recorded the presentation and post it here. That would be the best thing to do *giggles*

    Wishing you all the best in your upcoming projects and treatments 😉

  4. Well it’s good to hear that your catching up with ur studies despite what u’ve passed thru…keep it up Nani….we all are here for u…take care!

  5. i wish u all da best sweety..i really like u and want to meet u..get well soon…tc

  6. heya! i think its a cool thing to have had that sort of experience with the presentation! u knw why? cuz u got everyones attention by giving a great presentation and intrigued everyone by ur accent. in a class of 70 i think its a good thing to b noticed and singled out by ur professor!
    and hope ur doin alrite with ur pains, ur in our prayers inshallah khair

  7. mischa i’m blowing u salaimtic spells ur way… 🙂 hehehe about the accent… tell ur prof that it takes one to know one hehe… i have been to nando’s 6 times already…its perifab! all i can say is yum. good luck with ur projects! i miss the twirlie chats… so! much! SMG is going to be blogging! now this! is going to be fun!

  8. dont worry about the presentations. it happens to the best of people. hell i still get those stomach butterflies even though i presented 100s of topics. Take it easy on urself, remember what the doctor said!! Hope ur parents have a safe trip and be back soon to pamper u;) ur a tough twirlie 😛 they are not going anywhere, focus on ananyah for now 🙂

  9. ananyahhhh.
    ooohh im soo glad you did good on your presentation -claps- your such a smart girlie I cannot wait to see you go up and up in the world. And for Mr. Nano.. he sounds pretty intriguing.. im interested to read on =] Definently been missing chatting with youu.
    llooved by.

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